Facebook groups and Social Media etiquette, who gives a Tweet?

Who gives a Tweet?

This post is actually about a Tweet I received late last night and really rattled the bones in my Social Media carcass!   Who is judge and jury when it comes to Social Media etiquette and how come some people can get it so wrong??

But lets start at the beginning on this Social Media journey, shall we?

As you may know from previous articles, I am really getting to appreciate Facebook groups and the way they can help the marketing of any business and on many levels.

If, by chance, you are into Social Media and your focus is either on construction, property development or any related trade or service, you really should join our Construction Social Media Marketing group on Facebook.  The group is 2 days old and already has 26 members.

I started the group based on realising that Facebook actually offers MUCH MORE to any business than I initially thought. I know that Facebook groups are a fairly new concept, but the scope they offer for communication and engagement is MASSIVE.

A company called Copper Wire Strip from Basingstoke, here in the UK, joined the group and asked us, ‘ hello could you market this product?’

Sure we could, this is exactly what we do and in fact, simply by posting a comment on the site, the product was being marketed already.  OK, Construction Social Media Marketing may only have 27 members (just added a new one!) but how many other people do the 27 members communicate with on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Posterous, StumbleUpon etc. on a regular basis?  That’s quite hard to determine accurately, BUT I am currently connected to 103 people on LinkedIn and the 103 are connected to a further network on 4,431,043!

That’s a lot of people, that’s quite a network and therefore, I imagine there’s a good chance my group could present Copper Wire Strip with a potential audience of over 1,000,000.    Of course, Social Media pundits might say, ‘Not a chance!’ these 29 people (just added 2 more) can’t guarantee such an audience and the pundits might well be correct.  But, who cares?  Maybe the potential audience is only a fraction of that, but I’m sure that Copper Wire Strip would still be happy with a potential audience of say, 100,000 people?

If I had an audience of 100,000 just because I’d joined a Facebook group and sent a 6 word communication, I’d be over the moon!  That’s cost effective marketing and there’s a MASSIVE ROI potential.

OK, you might say, but suppose no one is interested?  Who cares?  It has cost nothing and the ‘campaign’ took 2 minutes!  Sounds like a pretty good Social Media marketing campaign to me!  Plus, I am 100% sure, that one day at least one or maybe 2 of these 29 fellow Construction Social Media Marketing members will need or have a friend or contact who really needs a Copper Wire Stripper!  The group is predominately made up of construction people, so it’s the perfect target audience!  This is low cost, very well targeted, good ROI marketing; isn’t that exactly what Social Media marketing is supposed to be all about?  No long boring meetings or consultations or anything like that were involved, a quick decision (and a good one!) to join the group has now got the product, potentially, in front of 1,000′s of people.  This was a great strategic move, NOT a random act of marketing and it has (potentially) paid off BIG time and if nothing comes of it apart from a bit more Traffic to the Copper Wire Strippers Blog and website, that’s OK, it’s still cost effective!

Here’s a quick YouTube video demonstration showing you exactly what the Copper Wire Stripper does and how easy it is to use. There’s very BIG money in scrap metal nowadays, anybody involved in construction will know this!

CLICK here! This is the video for The Copper Wire Stripper, a simple, easy to use system that offers the construction sector the opportunity to get involved in both being as green as possible and saving a lot of money!

This has been a great marketing opportunity for Copper Wire Stripper!

The Copper Wire Stripper company has a BLOG too, a Facebook business page, is a member of Facebook groups and has videos on YouTube! Social Media marketing certainly seems to be working for some forward thinking construction companies!  Seems to me that being an ‘early adopter’ most certainly pays off!

OK, Copper Wire Stripper shows us exactly how it should be done, cost effective Social Media marketing at its best.

Now I’ll continue to explain my experience with the auto-response Tweet accusation.

I am an avid reader of all things Social Media, I’ve got well over 100 favourite pages on my personal Facebook account and they cover just about every subject relating to Social Media and construction. (Maybe I need just a little more construction stuff? Suggestions and recommendations welcome from all my Facebook group members)  I am very happy to provide my friends and colleagues with easy access to my Social Media library.

Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Michael A Stelzner, Darren Rowse, Dan Zarella, Cory Shanes, Yusuf Chowdhury, Social Media Today, Klout, Harvard Business Review and lots more quality people grace the page.  Based on the very positive motivation of helping more and more people understand the real benefits of Social Media marketing, I decided to let ALL my followers on Twitter have the opportunity to join me.  Why wouldn’t I?

If you want to join just CLICK this picture.

Makes sense, right?  Use Social Media to announce the use and implementation of Social Media.  Surely this is the whole principle of Social Media, communication and engaging with people?  Not hassling or interrupting people that have little or no interest, but simply carrying out a little permission marketing.  After all, these people were following ME and I felt that I had every right to say, ‘Thanks for following, into construction & social media marketing? Why not join our new Facebook group http://on.fb.me/gyVe7L

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the good comments I received in return. I must confess that not all the Tweets I sent were fully personalised, but nevertheless, I spent a long time deciding who to include and sending them out 1 by 1; about 379 followers were involved.  I must add that this exercise also enabled me to stop following some of my less relevant ‘followers’.  Quality is my aim, people involved in Social Media and Digital marketing with a focus on construction, property and related businesses are the ones I want to ‘engage’.  I did actually stop following a few people and I’m sorry, but comments about Justin Beiber, keeping slim and hair extensions are nothing more than an unnecessary distraction!

During the course of my Social Media engagement, I received a Tweet saying, “using auto responses is not in the spirit of twitter, sorry, unfollowing” and this was sent by a company that is apparently an authority in the field of Social Media for construction!

I’ve since found out more about the company/organisation/group concerned and I actually know these people very well; I communicate with them regularly, I’m connected to them on LinkedIn too and they know LOTS of Social Media friends of mine!  They are very well respected figures in the Social Media and construction world!  This is very awkward and embarrassing, but I can’t stay silent, I’ve got to ask the inevitable questions.

  1. Who decides what’s acceptable Social Media etiquette?
  2. How do people know if a Tweet has been sent automatically?
  3. Why would you get upset by someone saying ‘Thanks for the follow, why not join me on Facebook’ particularly if they are in the same sector, focusing on all the same subjects?

Now I know who I’m dealing with, I’m tempted to say nothing, but that’s just NOT me; that’s NOT my style.  I don’t want to be ostracised by Social Media and construction people throughout the UK (or the world!) for simply pointing out a small mistake someone made.  However, I feel this subject raises some good points so ‘publish and be damned!’. (Quote courtesy of the Duke of Wellington)

So, Social Media etiquette, who gives a Tweet?  Me, I really do give a Tweet!  But I hate to witness injustice in this world.  I hate spammers too and certainly don’t want to be thought of as one!!  But who decides and how?

I’m just a construction marketing guy who totally believes in Social Media and agrees with Seth and Brian (and lots of other people).  Maybe some kind of tech type person can enlighten me?

I bet I get pointed to loads of Blogs and books about ‘Social Media Etiquette’!

If anything has come of this, the Facebook Construction Social Media Marketing is growing (30 members now!) and Copper Wire Stripper has started his new marketing campaign, even though he might not actually be aware of it.

I really hope that the anonymous ‘unfollowing’ Social Media and construction people don’t hate me for speaking out, I’m only trying to prove that we must be careful with these ‘new’ Social Media platforms. (They are still following me, maybe they realised it was a genuine Tweet??  Why not let me know with a quick Tweet?)  As always, with all things ‘new’ we MUST NOT assume things and if we do, perhaps, at least initially, we should give people the benefit of the doubt?

If you want to know more about Facebook groups and Social Media and how they can help your company, please call Peter on 01473 435 308 or email peter@constructionmarketinguk.co.uk


We build the builders!

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8 Responses to Facebook groups and Social Media etiquette, who gives a Tweet?

  1. Hey Peter!

    Thank you for submitting this post to the Building a Brand Online Link Roundup!

    I’ve definitely done a lot of thinking over social media etiquette in the past year and have certainly spoken up about it! Not everyone is happy about my ‘methods’ in some cases – and one thing I just don’t get it how people REFUSE to play nice even in an open forum! Most of the time people are good – but other times I can’t believe how people will put it out there for EVERYONE to read.

    Its like they don’t understand that they are leaving a digital legacy that people will likely be able to “printout” when you are dead! Who wants to be remembered for being a dick? Haha! I don’t!

    Thanks Peter,


    • Peter says:

      A digital legacy indeed! I like that! Thanks Avram and of course, everyone’s opinion on manners is valid but some people don’t quite get the basics. I produced a Behance portfolio recently ( http://bit.ly/f5a7aC ) and for some reason I used all capitals for the intro copy. I know this is considered SHOUTING, I get the idea but I hadn’t realised I’d done it. Of course, a friend from my Facebook group was kind enough to point out the situation immediately and was able to spend an hour and fix the problem. What I’m trying to say is, on line as in life, things happen and we’re so busy and often multi tasking (yes, men too!!) and we just don’t realise. Plus, while we’re on the subject, how much is too much?? One of my Facebook group members casually mentioned that ‘Less is more’ (he said it twice which brought a smile!) but to me offering my members lots of interesting information is key. I want to engage and create conversation and debate, I’m not demanding that people read every thread, I’m offering a selection to suit all tastes. Is my enthusiasm for Social Media too much? Too many people are not excited enough by life and all the wonderful opportunities it offers, maybe I’m not a typical Englishman, reserved I will never be and that’s what keeps it interesting, we are all different! From digital manners to Facebook content, the differences are clear and obvious and Social Media is such a vast new subject, that it will be a while before all the wrinkles are ironed out!

  2. Marty says:

    Hi Peter. Now what was it???? oh yeah… Copper wire stripper and Construction social media marketing… I almost forgot!!! LOL
    I’m only teasing you.
    The reply you got on Twitter, to me is a little rude. A friend politely asked me not to put a link in a group he has because my content is now not strictly relevant. The message was very polite and courteous. I was happy to comply and accept the feedback. I almost got the impression that the guy didn’t want to offend me and lose contact. For me, a polite request is fine, but what you got was just rude and without any backup of why it was considered a fau pa.
    I guess these things happen. It’s healthy to have a rant from time to time. Now is the time to let it go and return to your positive campaign. You can stop being wired up about it now, if you’ll pardon the pun!

    • Peter says:

      You must be referring to a conversation way back, it’s OK, Social Media etiquette varies and I understand. Us Blogger types are used to the way things should be done, because we’re communicating all the time, not everyone is though. I read you article on your music and I really liked it, from the heart and as you’d expect from a musician; it’s not something you do without feeling or commitment. As the comment I left for you explains, as a young man I was very into music, but that was 30 years ago and now I find if my wonderful kids play stuff too loud it distracts my Blogging. Times they are a changin’ indeed! Great to hear from you Marty, stay in touch!

  3. Hi, Peter. Here are two pages on Twitter that outline the rules and best practices: http://support.twitter.com/articles/18311-the-twitter-rules and http://support.twitter.com/articles/76915-automation-rules-and-best-practices. Hopefully they’ll give you some answers from Twitter itself, who is the “judge and jury.” I understand the intent behind your Tweets and no harm was intended. To others, though, it could be seen as an unsolicited invitation. An alternative to posting to people individually is to Tweet your message on your own account and just do it several times, or do it over an extended period. People who are interested will click through to your group. That way it’s not unsolicited and it would also not be misinterpreted as a mass auto-tweet.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Leanne, I appreciate your comments and fully understand the situation, I was just amused that someone should get so emotional over something that ‘could’ be quite innocent as that’s my Tweets were intended to be. I think people shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that everyone was a ‘newbie’ at one time and genuine mistakes by enthusiastic people keen to learn can easily be made. Personally, I am not keen on auto Tweeting, although I do implement Buffer if I’m on the road all day or tied up in meetings. I don’t know about you, but one of the things I find most annoying is the continuous barrage of vague and inane quotes; no doubt people trying to keep their Klout score consistent! Thanks for the tips on the photos earlier today too, I appreciate it and I like you Blogging style! All the best, Peter

      • Marty says:

        What on earth is “Klout”? I keep coming across these thing! OK I guess I’ll have to check it out. Must be some amusing little item to play around with online.

        • Peter says:

          Klout identifies influencers on topics across the social web, it looks at all your Tweets, RT’s, mentions, followers, followings, Facebook friends, LIKES, etc, etc and decides how influential you are as an individual. People like Brian Soils, Seth etc have got understandably high scores, others haven’t. Check out the Chris Voss video on YouTube and you’ll see how to add Klout to your Tweet stream so you know who you’re dealing with. I’ve got a satirical take on this coming up later this week, it’ll make you laugh, I promise you. Stay in touch, Peter

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