Social Media satire 2: The world needs a laugh, Social Media to the rescue!


There’s a very good chance you read my recent post entitled Social Media satire & how Social Media is changing our world!

Without wanting to sound conceited or arrogant, it was a major success for me, people all over the world enjoyed the fun, as the Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon statistics prove.  The success I received, the Blog traffic I gained, proved to me that people do welcome positivity in troubled times and that they can relate to humour on an international level.  Looking around at the problems the world has to contend with right now and it’s big no surprise people everywhere need a good reason to laugh.

Construction professionals need to address the benefits of Social Marketing.


On a construction marketing level, I was a bit concerned that having too much fun may diminish my credibility in a sector reeling from the toughest few years it has seen for decades.  Do construction professionals also need a laugh or will they consider my approach flippant and trivial during these difficult times?

I decided that whatever sector we serve and however hard it has been hit recently, we are all human and we all enjoy a laugh.  If people take life that seriously, then maybe I don’t want to work with them anyway!

So, working on that assumption, here’s Social Media satire 2: The world needs a laugh, Social Media to the rescue!

Everyone in business has a mobile telephone, why wouldn't you send messages about your company and the services you provide via Social Media?


OK, so the Blackberry graphic isn’t perfect and I’m sorry, but I hope you’ll agree that the humour is still good!

As I prepared this post, I realised than many construction managers and construction company owners, really aren’t that familiar with many of the Social Media platforms that Social Media advocates deal with on a daily basis.  I quite recently spent a good hour with one of the directors of a major construction company, a great guy with years of major construction management behind him; he wasn’t on Linkedin, he’d heard about Facebook, but didn’t have an account and nor did his company and he thought Twitter was for sending messages about what’s on the menu for lunch.  The last few years as Social Media has been gaining strength and popularity, have been the same few years that construction management have been focused on keeping their companies afloat.  Have they had that much time for Twitter and Facebook, probably not!

Based on this assumption, a host of questions that construction managers may ask, come to mind?

  1. How can business use Facebook?
  2. Is Twitter really used by some of the UK‘s biggest and most successful construction companies?
  3. What is a Blog and why is it better for Social Media connectivity than a website?
  4. Who is this Zuckerberg guy, everyone’s talking about?
  5. What’s Foursquare and Gowalla?
  6. What’s a Klout score? How do you get one?
  7. What is a viral post?
  8. Who are Brian Solis, Seth Godin and Chris Voss?
  9. What do StumbleUpon, Digg, Posterous, and Delicious do?
  10. What on earth is the Blogosphere?

Based on the fact that most construction managers probably have kids, grand children or neighbours and although they might not spend much time on the Internet, they must at least keep up with contemporary life a little and should know what Facebook, Twitter, PS3′s and Wii’s are?  They just must! Let’s carry on with having some laughs!!

It is hard to keep up with all the developments, that's why professional advice is so important!

Until recently, many Social Media platforms were not aimed at business, but this has changed and it’s not just the ‘business to consumer’ sector selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods like food, make up, clothes and DVDs; the ‘business to business’ sector is starting to realise that if ‘communication adds value’ (and we all know it does) what better way to communicate in 2011, than through Social Media?  Some major construction and property companies are well ahead with their Social Media strategy and it’s time for everyone else to play catch up!

Keeping you customers aware of your excellent service and products is essential!


OK, once again, the mobile telephone isn’t wonderful, but it’s fun and that’s good enough for me!

Many of the major construction companies in the UK are using Twitter and Facebook very successfully. Are you?



If a post goes viral, you hit the jackpot! But how do you do it? Call us and we'll explain!



As a construction company, your Klout doesn't mean much, but as a Social Media marketer, mine does!


You company needs to be on the Social Media map, whatever you do!

Bill Gates knows a thing or two about the Internet and he said recently that not being involved in Social Media now is like not having a website in the 1990′s. OK, some companies are small and are happy to remain small, they don’t want to develop, they don’t want expand, they get enough from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and their regular customers, but is that you?  If you are happy with how things are, forget Social Media, you don’t need it, but if you need growth, if you need more business and more profit, you can’t rely on traditional marketing methods any more, they’re not cost effective and they don’t work well enough!

WordPress Blogs are easy to maintain, if you can send an email, you should be able to post an article. We can show you how, it's so easy!!


To implement Social Media need not be expensive or difficult, call us for a FREE consultation.


Once again, if you laughed at the jokes, please pass them on to your friends and family, wherever they might be in the world.

If you need Social Media marketing advice, please call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and don’t forget our advice is FREE.

If you are considering a Facebook business page and a lot of people are, join us on and we can explain what vanity URL’s are all about and tell you why it makes sense to use a (very) cost effective designer.

We build the builders!


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21 Responses to Social Media satire 2: The world needs a laugh, Social Media to the rescue!

  1. Leo Widrich says:

    Peter, this IS seriously funny. Haha and you learn a great deal as well about the state of various forms of technology too!

    Let me Buffer this right away, many thanks for sharing.

    • Peter says:

      Cheers Leo, glad to raise a smile. I think you young guys are doing a brilliant job, I really mean that! I’m impressed and that doesn’t happen too often at my age! The world is your oyster and you guys will go far, remember to stay enthusiastic!

  2. Peter, nice job on your second set of cartoons. “It doesn’t smell like a blackberry” – love that line. Anita

    • Peter says:

      Thank you Anita, I appreciate the positive comments! I’ve got lots more ready for next month and beyond! It’s the best fun! Stay in touch, all the best, Peter

  3. Mavis Nong says:

    Hey Peter,

    Wow, thanks for a good laugh. This is so funny! :D

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Peter says:

      Mavis, how are you? A day off, you’re so lucky… what was it like?? I’m joking, I had one once, they’re over rated! I love putting these satirical cartoons together, I’ve had a load of great people visit my Blog as a consequence and the traffic is amazing, especially from StumbleUpon. (as I keep telling everyone!) I shall do some more soon, early next month probably, it’s a lot of fun! Thanks for commenting and it’s great that us Bloggers follow and support each other! I see a lot of very familiar faces around, it’s a good community! Take care, all the best, Peter

  4. Peter, This post may be going viral. :) I’m a first time visitor to your blog but I will definitely be back. Good job!

    • Peter says:

      Oh, I certainly hope so! I’d love a bit more work! LOL!! Did you see the 1st Social Media satire and how Social Media is changing our world?? Thanks very much Sherryl, I aim to please!! I’m having the most fun, let’s hope I just get compelled to do more!! All the very best, Peter

  5. Leona Martin says:

    Peter, another good one! If this doesn’t make sense to those that aren’t sure about Social Media then I have NO idea what to do! Off to put this on my facebook page!

    • Peter says:

      Thanks Leona, great to hear from you! I like to think that I explain the real benefits of Social Media fairly comprehensively and it shouldn’t take too much understanding. Communication and marketing have changed and communication adds value, that’s about it really. If your company and either the services or products you provide are good, it makes sense to let people know. How difficult is that too understand? Thanks for putting this on Facebook, it’s proved to have an excellent audience and 600,000,000 is a fair crowd by any standards! StumbleUpon is great too but not quite as popular ! Thanks for your positive comments, much appreciated! All the best, Peter

  6. I smiled sooo big at the last cartoon because my 7 and 11 years are arguing over who will be getting an Ipad first!!

    Thank you for bringing such wonderfully written humor into my day!


    • Peter says:

      Hi Lynette, so pleased to spread a little humour and smiles in these difficult days in the world. My son is 13 and PS3 seems to be glued to him, having said that homework does take priority when mum’s around! Did you see the 1st edition of Social Media satire? More on the way next month, please share the smiles with Facebook friends and StumbleUpon devotees! Thanks for your time, I’m sure it’s tough to find a few minutes with a 7 and an 11 year old!! Best regards Peter

  7. Marty says:

    Reminds me of those classy B&W birthday cards you can get. You know me Peter, I love a bit of satire. Congrats on your blog doing so well.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks a lot Marty, I’ve been wanting to do this for years! I had this idea back in 1998 but never got around to it, I was going to produce posters, company name Poster Nostra, posters for all the family, but I did other things. Funny how sometimes, good ideas just never get forgotten! Lots more in the pipeline! StumbleUpon has sure paid off! Take it easy Marty! All the best, Peter

  8. This was hilarious Peter! Love the one about the girl getting her blog hacked LOL hahahaha

    • Peter says:

      Hi Joshua, great to hear from you! I just knew you’d like that one! I’ll have to see what other WordPress ones I can come up with especially for you. Stay in touch! All the very best, Peter

  9. Rita Venter says:

    Thanks for the giggle.


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