Social Media satire 3: The construction sector laughs off the past and looks to the future with Social Media!


The last few years have been very hard for the construction and property sectors, but there’s no point in dwelling on what’s past, is there?

Construction Marketing UK has had amazing response world wide to the recent Social Media satire Blog posts, it seemed mad not to publish some more!  We hope you have a good laugh and learn about Social Media at the same time. If you do laugh, please share the laughter, OK?  Tweet the link, put it on Facebook, LIKE it on StumbleUpon or add it to your favorite Social Media site!

Social Media and the construction and property sectors.

Why not let Social Media and Social Media marketing brighten up the future and show the construction and property sectors what marketing a brand, a service or a product, is currently all about.  If you read my post yesterday about Miller Homes and their continued success, you’ll know it’s possible.

Communication adds value and that’s what Social Media is all about!

Perception is everything!!

(Speaking of which, CLICK on the photographs to enlarge them, if you need to.)


If you want to know more about how you can benefit from Social Media, call us today!

If you don’t know much about Social Media, because you’ve been focused on keeping your construction or property company afloat over the last couple of years, we understand.

We know exactly what’s been happening and we are the ideal Social Media consultants to help you, because we’re construction and property people and we’ll be able to look at your company and tell you exactly what you need.  Simple, right?

Sorry to stereotype the Scottish, we all know that things have changed in Scotland over the last 100 years and I’m pretty sure my Scottish friends will see the funny side of me not being too politically correct.  As the cartoon highlights, Social Media can be inexpensive, but it does take time, dedication, forethought and good management!


Learning which Social Media platforms to use is not always simple; just jumping on the bandwagon, really isn’t the answer.  I’ve had meetings with construction directors who have made token efforts with Social Media, but never really understood the benefits or seen the rewards, mainly because Social Media marketing is not a short term process. Using traditional sales and marketing methods on Social Media platforms will not work either, it’s a whole new dynamic; full on traditional hard sell does not work with Social Media!  What the construction directors should have focused on to start with is Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and possibly Facebook, but with a plan to expand if necessary and they really should have had a long term strategy.  Random acts of marketing rarely get results and are often simply ignored after a while and the true value of the Social Media application is never seen.



A lot of people don’t appreciate the power of Twitter, but some of the more Social Media savvy construction and property companies release Tweets about new contracts awarded and projects completed.  It’s a very fast, efficient and cost effective way to keep a company brand in the spotlight and on people’s minds!   Waiting until the end of the week and putting an advert in the local paper just doesn’t work in 2011!


Traditional marketing should not be totally ignore and can still be included in the new mix.

Traditional advertising can be expensive and it can also be hard to determine ROI.

Traditional marketing can still be effective and can help Social Media marketing.

Despite the popularity of Social Media marketing and the way business is adapting to ‘permission marketing’, traditional marketing can still be very effective, if used in conjunction with a Social Media campaign.  Random advertising, random direct mail and random email campaigns, are very much a thing of the past.


Mobile connectivity, it's all about communication.


Most business people have got a laptop, ALL business people have got a mobile phone, if they haven’t, they need to go and get one today!   Social Media is all about being connected and connecting your company and your brand!


Mobile phone connectivity is the way ahead!

How many business people do you know who haven’t got a mobile phone?

Late 2010 and a lot of people were asked what’s going to be BIG this year for digital technology and Social Media; mobile phones and mobile connectivity was around the top of most people’s lists.

A lot of people browse the Internet and get up to date on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, YouTube etc, via their mobile phones.  The amount of people with the potential to read your Blog or see your companies announcements whilst on the move is phenomenal!


Maintaining a quality Blog takes time and devotion.

Blogs have taken over from websites and there’s a lot of reasons why, but maintaining a Blog isn’t as easy as maintaining a website.  Before you ask us why, check this Blog out and you’ll see how much work goes into it.  Don’t worry, we’re a Social Media marketing company and we’re expected to post a lot of articles, you won’t be expected to post as much and your articles won’t necessarily need to be quite so long.  However you decide to approach your Social Media marketing initiative, we can provide the solutions and it can be very cost effective.




We can advise, design and maintain a top quality Blog for you, tell us about your company, what you’ve done, what you’re doing and we’ll do the rest!  If you’ve got a website to connect to, so much the better; if you’ve got videos to add to your Blog, that’s great and if you need a lot more traffic, we know we can help!   So just call us!

Call Peter today on 01473 435308 or email and we will discuss your company and exactly how we can help you.  Our advice is FREE, so call us today!

PLEASE don’t forget, if the satire raised a smile, pass it on!  Share the Social Media laughs and then call us about your Social Media marketing campaign!

We build the builders!

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British born Peter L Masters has been a writer for many years and Cut Limbo is his first published novel. Back in the late 70's and early 80's he was the singer/songwriter for cult punk band Spasmodic Caress. The controversial "Hit the Dead" track was released by 4AD in 1980 and decades later re-released by US punk band The Spits. Subsequent tracks such as "Waiting" "SPG" and "Ambition" are now on YouTube. The inspiration for Cut Limbo comes from a combination of experiences gained whilst travelling and living in Europe and Asia, a love of the punk rock era and everything it stood for, and a passion for books and movies. Cut Limbo was originally written by Peter as a screenplay and inspired by classic movies such as Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Jackie Brown and Get Shorty. (A big thanks to Quentin Tarantino and Elmore Leonard) The story of what went on at Schipol airport, Amsterdam, just had to be told.
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13 Responses to Social Media satire 3: The construction sector laughs off the past and looks to the future with Social Media!

  1. Leo Widrich says:

    Peter, what an amazing post. Where are you finding all these pics? I hope you are writing an ebook or make a slideshare presentation out of this.

    Anyone trying to teach others about Social Media – You are the man for it.

    Let me put all these pics individually in my Buffer – they are too valuable for just one tweet. Amazing job here again

    • Peter says:

      Hi Leo, glad you liked the satire still! Some one said thanks for the Social Media tips and I was pleased that people are seeing beyond the humour! It’s a great way to get people into appreciating that Social media does work and can also be fun!! I appreciate your support and I’m so pleased that Buffer is doing well for you!! Stay in touch, all the best, Peter

  2. Solar Quotes says:

    I found the picture of the beggar asking for change particularly appropriate!!

    Great series of images which i’m sure will go viral very quickly!

    • Peter says:

      Hi, thanks for the encouragement! I was hoping for viral, but just lots of Blog traffic with have to do! Make sure you use StumbleUpon for all your posts, it’s really paid off for me, it’s a great service!! All the best Peter

  3. Kesha Brown says:

    OMG, the photos are hilarious! Loved it!

    I agree with Leo that you should definitely be writing a book or something! You are always so right on point with your tips and stories :-)

    • Peter says:

      Hi Kesha, thanks for the compliment! I’m so glad to hear that you appreciate the tips and advice. I’d love a book deal, if anyone’s interested?? Good to hear from you! All the best, Peter

  4. Leona Martin says:

    Another good one Peter.

    You make many valid points! Social Media is the way to go!

    Traditional advertising shouldn’t be forgotten, but Social Media can be included in the advertising making sure others know where else they can go.

    As for smartphones…I still have many friends and clients that do not have smartphones. My parents are one…haha. One day, though.

    Off to put this on my business page.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Leona, thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated! Yes, traditional advertising still has its place but Social Media is big and will eventually dominate, I’m sure. Thanks for adding this to your business page, it’s great that people share so much and of course, it’s one of the benefits of Social Media. Thanks, best regards Peter :)

  5. Mark Harding says:

    Hi Peter,

    Excellent blog, really wish i could find the time to do my first blog for my business, i think it would help loads, some really great tips in your blogs.

    I aggree with the others you really need to get a book deal :)

    • Peter says:

      Hi Mark, good to see you here! If you need any help at any time you know my advice is free, just email me at and I’ll help you! The best way to get lots of Blogging done is very early, lunch time and all night! Ha! I guess not everyone’s quite as into Social Media as I am! A book deal would lovely, I might even give it some serious thought!! If you know any publishers, call me!! Great to hear from you, get on LinkedIn, it’s perfect for you business! Just copy what I’ve done! All the best Peter

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  7. Grace says:

    hey Peter,
    I admired the photos been shared it. It was too awesome and hoping to read more blog like this.

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