Social Media satire 5: Social Media progress, Seth’s purple cow and safe is risky…


What a busy week last week was!  The sun is finally out here in the UK, the world is slowly recovering from some of its more recent disasters and sadly, political instability and aggression are still taking a grip on some people’s lives!  It seems that despite the decades since I was a kid, nothing changes!

However, back in the vibrant world of Social Media, even in the construction and property sectors, things seem to be getting a little better; the UK economy is still very weak, but some people in various parts of the construction and property sectors are getting busier, which is great news and a move in the right direction!

We still need some Social Media satire, though, don’t we??



I was delighted to hear from Dan Zarrella that it is acceptable to Tweet more than 22 times a day!  Thank goodness!  In fact Dan said, that as long as your Tweets are relevant and not intrusive or hard sell, go for it!!  He also added, that it makes good sense to wait a while after Tweeting stuff about yourself, but to make sure that your Tweets are not all completely self indulgent.  Makes sense to me Dan!!  Thanks for your advice!


Social Media has proved itself to be much, much more than a fad!

It seems strange to me that at some companies, the smokers are allowed to go for cigarette breaks during working hours, yet Facebook and Twitter are banned from the premises so that so that people don’t waste their time whilst at work?  Now that is bizarre!  I’ve never heard of anyone dying from Social Media communication.


Excellent stats service from Getclicky! Try it out!

I’ve been using a free trial session of GetClicky real time analytics and I’m impressed, try it out!


Digital life is taking over in the 21st century!

It would seem that more and more people are spending more and more time on line! Where will this take us and who has read the book ‘The Machine Stops’ by E M Forster??


If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you are missing out!

LinkedIn, the professional networking Social Media platform continues to get better and better, yet some companies are still not on it??  Why??


Tools like Buffer can save a lot of time for Social Media marketers!

If you didn’t read my post about Buffer, you should, it’s a big help to busy Social Media marketing people!


Listen to Seth and take his lead.

Michael Stelzner from the Social Media Examiner recently interviewed Jay Baer about the way Facebook is changing and offering marketing opportunities to business.  Jay said it’s very important that Social Media marketing platforms should not be used with traditional marketing methods.  Basically, you will not get results trying hard sell with Social Media, if you are really not sure, just listen to a few Seth Godin or Brian Solis interviews on YouTube.


Who wouldn't notice a purple cow??

If you’re not sure either about the Purple Cow you should click here and catch up with Seth Godin!

We would notice Purple Cows and we are noticing companies that are making progress with Social Media marketing.  The ‘early adopters’ are moving ahead of the crowd; as we expected and quite rightly so.  New methods of communication do catch people’s attention!!   When Willmott Dixon won the £86,300,000 contract to build a ‘Tesco town’ recently, they Tweeted the great news and the construction press picked up on it immediately and turned the good news into great headlines.  Imagine if they’d have sent out letters or emails??   As I said, things have changed and the ‘early adopters’ are moving forward.

Whatever you do, if you want your company to grow and develop and win more work, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to be better, but you’ve also got to let people know that you are better.  It’s no good keeping it a secret and a boring email or a letter just won’t do it any more!!

If you want better results call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and ask us how Social Media marketing can help you stand out from the crowd and win more work!  It is NOT difficult and remember, Social Media is NOT IT.

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11 Responses to Social Media satire 5: Social Media progress, Seth’s purple cow and safe is risky…

  1. I love this blog, it makes me smile!

    I understand exactly where you are coming from. I am new to social media but do recognise its potential and am trying hard to keep up – perhaps I should ask my kids for help.

    Thanks for a good read.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for dropping by Jacquie and thanks too for the encouragement. The potential for any construction and or property company is MASSIVE, but the UK’s traditional attitude seems to holding everyone back. It won’re be long before everyone realizes the potential and there will be a lot of mad jumping on the band wagon. I think (as I say time and time again) Miller Homes have done a great job and the must have save a fortune in estate agents fees over recent years!! If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me, my advice is FREE! Please read through my Blog, you’ll find lots of good tips and advice there. Check out the Social Media Examiner too and remember that Social Media is very cheap compared to some traditional marketing, but it is NOT free, it takes time and good management to make it a success!! I wish you luck, all the best, Peter (Check out the Trades Hub link on the left of my Blog, you might like to link up with these guys? Just mention my name, it might help your traffic. If you can add StumbleUpon and other book marks like the bottom of my posts and add Wibiya toolbar for additional Facebook and Twitter connectivity, you’ll really see a difference!)

  2. Barry Watson says:

    Love the satire Peter. A little humour breaks the grind of everyday life.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Barry, great to see you here! I was wondering if the novelty was wearing off a little, but I guess not! The satire is still bringing lots of traffic to the Blog, maybe the earlier ones were more popular because I didn’t add any comments and all people want is some fun?? I’m not sure, but it’s great that people enjoy it and if I can spread some sunshine amongst the gloom, then I’m doing OK, right? The construction sector still seems a bit ‘one step forward two steps backwards’. People are starting to look at Social Media as a cost effective alternative though and luckily they’re not expecting miracles over night. Good to see you Baz! Thanks for dropping by! All the best, Peter

  3. Every time I click and read your posts I see something in a completely different perspective. Peter, you are on to something really great. Not because of the cartoons and dubbed in content, (which is hysterical!), but more so because of the actual value to the content you bring to it. Your insights to certain information is nothing short of…well…insighful (for lack of synonyms at the moment)!

    Keep on man!

    You are inspiring me to get on my blog and write something this evening. :D

    • Peter says:

      Hi Andrew, thanks very much for your comments and great to see you here! I must confess, as much as I truly love what I am doing, some days the Blog can seem a bit of a never ending and thankless task and then a couple of really positive comments come along and everything seems great again! A few words of encouragement can mean so much and I’m very grateful! Social Media is truly great and without being hype-ish or dramatic, it has and continues to revolutionize the way people do business. (Even the construction and property sectors are seeing the light at last!) I strongly believe too, that consumers will really benefit from the significant changes companies will have to make, everyones business dynamic will change eventually. People like Seth Godin and Brian Solis saw this happening way back and those guys, again without over stating it, were and still are truly visionary. The bad old days of intrusion marketing and powerless consumers are drawing to an end and it’s a privilege to be part of it. Thanks very much for your time Andrew, great to see you here! All the very best, Peter (It’s great if I can inspire someone else to write too, go for it!!)

  4. Peter,

    Not bad information for ‘anyone’ out there, to tell you the truth. Using the tools that are there will be the wave that determines if you surf the tip or get buried in the trough. Thanks for this article.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Bruce we keep meeting up throughout the Blogosphere just lately! Thanks for dropping by!! I couldn’t agree more, getting involved in Social Media is one thing but knowing what to use and how to use it is entirely another. I see a lot of random acts of Social Media marketing, people with under used Social Media apps and no results, or people trying to hard sell or use traditional ‘intrusive’ approaches with Social Media. I doesn’t work!! Permission marketing is the way to go and the consumer is KING!! Great see you Bruce, all the very best, Peter

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  7. Robinson says:

    This is a very good way of relating the social media hype with the old times and its effect on the society and behavior of citizens nowadays; A very intelligent scrutiny of internet addiction indeed.

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