Social Media satire edition 6: PeerIndex, Construction News, tCn and Eric Pickles..


Social Media satire edition 6: PeerIndex, Construction News, tCn and Eric Pickles is a genius!

Based on the double page spread in Construction News magazine this week and the coverage on the website, it seems that PeerIndex and Construction News have done a great job for tCn.

Let’s hope that the construction and property sectors take note and start to realise what Social Media marketing is really all about!!

As I keep saying, communication adds value and what better way is there to communicate in 2011, than with Social Media?!


PeerIndex, Construction news, tCn and Social Media success!

There’s more good news for construction!  It appears that Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, has launched a consultation to relax planning laws on change of use!  Well done Eric, you are a genius!

Eric Pickles is a genius!

It wasn’t too long ago that Construction Marketing UK looked at the dire housing situation and considered converting empty and neglected 60′s and 70′s commercial properties into chic new apartments.  Maybe Eric follows this Blog??

It makes sense doesn’t it??  Using the latest and most cost effective modern materials, these vast, yet commercially inferior buildings, could easily be brought up to Part L and other relevant standards; not only that, but these large buildings are generally well connected by road, have lots of parking, ample space for recreational areas and all the utilities are already connected.   A developers dream and potentially, a great start for first time buyers.   Or is that all just too easy??   Maybe the government should spend a few million pounds on consultation first??

So thanks to ‘early adopters’ like tCn and Construction News and Social Media ranking service PeerIndex, the construction sector just can’t avoid the truth about Social Media.   It works, it’s fast, it’s efficient and used properly, it’s cost effective.  If you’re still not sure, call us for a FREE consultation, we’d be glad to hear from you.

If you don’t read the Social Media Examiner regularly, you should.  It’s the place to be for Social Media news and Social Media developments.

Michael Stelzner interviewed Scott Stratton recently and it seems that a lot of people are still not using Social Media as they should be!   Permission marketing is the way to go!!   Check out the ‘Un-Marketing’ video, or watch some Brian Solis or Seth Godin videos.


Un-Marketing! Not sure, call 01473 435308, we can explain.

It takes time to build successful Social Media relationships and if your company is NOT good at what it does or the services your company offers are not up to standard, you won’t see good results.  Social Media is NOT all about selling; the modern marketing dynamic is very different, marketing has changed, consumers are empowered because of Social Media and they know it!  It’s that simple!

Lots of companies remember the 1st Internet boom of the mid to late 1990′s, that’s a long while ago and if you think your old ‘static’ website is still good enough, think again.  Having said that, a little Social Media connectivity can make a huge difference to an old style website.  The way to go in the 21st century is with a Blog, because Blogs are current as opposed to static and because of that they connect so well with Social Media.

If you’ve got a website or Blog, just look and see if it’s connected to Social Media as well as this Blog is.  Go on, take a look and be honest completely to yourself!  Are you connected to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google Buzz etc…?  To get the best results in 2011, you need to be!   A Blog can connect to your website and make all the difference, so call us and ask us about a test run and we’ll explain what we can do for you! (And if you still haven’t got a Blog or a website, you really need to call us asap!  Whatever aspect of construction or property development you deal with, NOT being connected in 2011 is costing you money!  It’s a fact you can no longer deny!)

My recent post on the real benefits of Blogging has proved to be a major hit with StumbleUpon fans and the StumbleUpon viewings say it all!  Coincidentally, my StumbleUpon article on the Cherry Solution blog in Singapore, has also opened a few eyes to the effects of full Social Media connectivity on an International level.  Basically, wherever you are, you’ve just got to be well connected to succeed with Social Media!


StumbleUpon, very easy to use and a great source of digital traffic!

StumbleUpon is not new by any means, it started life in 2001 and a decade is a long time in the digital world.  My article explains why StumbleUpon has recently become such a massive hit and my next prediction is the realization that Behance is a Social Media ‘sleeping giant’!   Behance is a great place for designers, architects, developers, planners, photographers and anyone dealing predominantly with visual concepts, although video and links to Blogs and websites can also be implemented.  Behance works very closely with LinkedIn and LinkedIn has also been really proving itself to be a power house recently too.  A expected, things are really happening with Social Media this year!


Behance, ideal Social Media for architects, developers, designers, photographers and marketers/

In the latest edition of Construction news, Web 2.0 consultant Paul Wilkinson spoke out about micro-blogging tool Twitter and said that it’s great for the built environment, ideal for forming and developing business relationships and frankly, I couldn’t agree more!!

However, Twitter, like all other Social Media communication tools, must be used correctly and once again, it is NOT all about blatant advertising.


Twitter is a great way to communicate! Need information?? Call us today!

I often mention Seth Godin, mainly because he’s been aware of the Internet’s real potential for ages now, he’s published 13 books and is very much a ‘permission marketing’ visionary. Social Media is all about ‘permission marketing’, if you’re not sure, read some of Seth’s books or give Construction Marketing UK a call and we can explain everything.


Seth Godin is an authority on permission marketing. Unsure?? Call us today!

Things are changing fast in the digital world and mobile telephones are becoming a very popular way to access the Internet.


Generation Y like to use their mobiles to access the Internet!

As a consequence of generation Y’s mobile telephone usage for Internet access, telephone technology is changing fast!!


Middle aged men seem to be the slowest group to adapt to Web 2.0

For some reason middle aged men seem to be one of the slowest groups to learn to appreciate Social Media and Web 2.0.  Maybe they’ve just been preoccupied with coping with the world’s economy and keeping their businesses afloat?


Some people watch TV on lap tops more than they do on TV's!

Television as we know it and the constant barrage of ‘intrusive’ and ‘interruptive’ advertising is coming to the end of a very long and very successful run.  The gloves are off and Social Media is looking fit and looking ready to go the distance.

Want to know more about how your company can really benefit from Social Media or Social Media marketing?

Need to know more about how Social Media can help your company?  Call Peter on 01473 435308

If you have enjoyed this 6th edition of Social Media satire, please share it with your friends and family, after all, Social Media is all about sharing.  The Wibiya tool bar will connect you to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and a number of other Social Media platforms and translate the article into a host of different languages.


We build the builders!





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  3. Barry says:

    Love all the cartoons Peter. Hope you don’t mind me using some of them .

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      Hi Baz, good to see you again! I’m happy for you to use 1 or 2 of the Social Media satire cartoons, and thanks very much for asking, but please don’t use the ones I neglected to add my URL too! I got a good lesson in Social Media etiquette this week and my enthusiasm nearly got me into trouble! Check out the link for a complete run down on acceptable Social Media etiquette. I’ve been very careful to add proper links and references to other people comments and very, very careful about how much I actually use. I’m planning to use the link for a Blog post as I don’t think everyone’s 100% clear on what’s acceptable and what isn’t. I’m even adding links for inspiration for Blog posts, better safe than sorry, right! Thanks again for asking and as I say, 1 or 2 is fine, but please add a link to my Blog. All the best, Pete :)

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  5. A light hearted look at Social Media and the effect it’s having on the construction sector!

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