Social Media satire 8: Mashable connects Social Media, Twitter tools rule & PeerIndex performs.


Social Media satire 8: Mashable offers Social Media connectivity, Twitter tools rule and PeerIndex performs as planned!

Who has joined the new Mashable Social Media platform?   I know I have, and thanks to a Tweet from Gemma Thompson on Saturday morning,  I am now connected to Mashable via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Buzz and Digg.  Bit of a shame my old buddies StumbleUpon and Posterous weren’t invited to the party, but you can’t expect everything! It’s a great service and the news I pick to read about is fed to my Mashable account and I can also link and share interesting items to all my Social Media friends!!   Not only that, but apparently, because I’m a real ‘social animal’ and I’m following more than 50 people I won an Alpaca badge.   What can I say??

It’s all here

Meet marketingm8 on Mashable's new Social Media platform!


I think Mashable’s definitely moving in the right direction, with Social Media it’s either grow or get forgotten very quickly and with more than 40,000,000 page views per month as a base to build from, Mashable could easily develop into quite a Social Media force to be reckoned with.  People like Quora should watch out, Mashable could very easily add their business model and then some, just as an afterthought.

iPhones in white are now available.

The above comment and cartoon was inspired by my friend Ed Han from New Jersey, who was kind enough to visit this Blog and comment on last week’s Social Media satire.  Ed agreed that we often lose sight of the speed that technology and Social Media are developing at and I agree that  nothing seems to surprise us any more.  I’m amazed also that mobile telephones and handheld devices have changed so significantly over the last couple of years and yet most people just seem take it all for granted!  Social Media like technology is creating divides in society too, those that ‘get it’ and those that don’t!  I still find it hard to believe that some people still use fax machines, but that’s just me!


If you haven't got a Blog, get one now!

The good news recently that Social Media and marketing budgets are on the rise is possibly a sign that certain world economies are on the mend.   The ‘fact’ that many companies are looking to spend more on websites is to me perhaps a little misconceived, no one in their right mind would spend hard earned cash on a 1990′s style ‘static’ website, that would be pointless;  people coming to me on a regular basis asking why their website gets no traffic proves that point.  Blogs are the way to go and based on the fact that my Tweets that mention Blogs and Blogging get so much more interaction than anything else, proves that a lot of people want to know more.

There is no doubt that Social Media needs a lot of time, but thankfully there are tools to assist; I used to sent all my Tweets manually until my Klout score took a hammering and started using Buffer.  I used to spend most of my (very early) Friday morning’s deciding who to #FF and then going through the process of sending #FF’s to maybe 100 people.  It’s good Social Media manners and it helps build relationships, but it takes too much time unless you use Follow Friday Helper!


Twitter tools can save hours, but which do you choose?

How do you know who Re-Tweets your Tweets??  You sign up to PostRank and see for yourself, PostRank offers a host of great Social Media analytical services and I’m planning to write a PostRank post quite soon, so I won’t over dwell on the subject right now.


Tweeting the night away!

I am a prolific Tweeter, I like communicating with people and I guess that’s why I like Social Media so much.  How many Tweets is too many??  Some days I’ll send 15 or more via Buffer, plus if I’ve published another Blog post that could be 20 or so more and then there’s general ‘hello’s’ and Re-Tweets of interesting stuff and that can be quite a lot with over 1,000 followers.  Luckily, Dan Zarrella said, go for it and therefore I am!


Social Media guru or not?

There’s a lot of talk about Social Media gurus and it seems to me that self proclaimed guru’s are the ones to look at very closely.  The Social Media marketing people that just get on with the job of helping others get the hang of using Social Media are probably a better choice.

Have a good chat to people with guru like delusions or those making promises to transform your business over night, take a few notes and then give me a call.  I like Social Media and I spend a lot of my life being very involved with it, I give a lot of advice to people and because I’ve been in marketing for many years, I know that despite the popularity of Social Media, traditional marketing is far from dead.  Traditional marketing still works, but to me, used in conjunction with Social Media, it can show better results.  You don’t have to be a guru to know that!


A new marketing dynamic and permission marketing.

On the subject of gurus and Social Media and the new marketing dynamics, as I’ve mentioned before, be sure to implement the right approach with your Social Media campaigns.   A good friend started using Twitter more frequently recently and his staff were sending out some very obvious Tweets and by obvious, I mean, obviously hard sell and intrusive.  Social Media is popular because it is non intrusive, because it enables the consumer to make a choice based on information received.   Social Media does not guarantee to provide great or immediate sales leads, in many cases and often in the majority of cases, it simply provides an opportunity to build a relationship with a ‘prospect’.  Try selling to someone who addresses a Tweet or comments on a Facebook post or a Blog post and you’re likely to encounter negativity.   People embrace Social Media because they don’t want to be coerced into buying or bullied into signing the dotted line. Things have changed!

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If you find this information interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever Social Media platform you prefer.  Please use the Wibiya toolbar or the sharebar to vote on BizSugar, Serpd, StumbleUpon and Blokube.  Social Media is all about sharing quality information, so spread the good news!

If you want to get started with a Social Media marketing campaign, or you really need a Blog and you need one NOW!!  Call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a Blog can be or we’ll tell you about our Social Media starter system, which is very cost effective!










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7 Responses to Social Media satire 8: Mashable connects Social Media, Twitter tools rule & PeerIndex performs.

  1. Ed Han says:

    Peter, thanks so much for the mention!

    I couldn’t help but smile on reading that last section about your friend whose account was obviously being used by others and the hard sell transition in the messaging.

    Quite honestly, it’s surprising to me that so many still don’t understand that social media is the realization of the pull paradigm that everyone spent so much time talking about around the turn of the century. We all were trying to understand that push wasn’t going to be the way of the future. Well, the future is now and I don’t see how this message was missed.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Ed, thanks for dropping by again!

      I guess, not everyone is as into or as aware about Social Media as we are, but they’re getting there!

      I love the fact that you say the future is now and I agree with you once again. It really is! I’ve been around and in business for quite a few years and apart from Web 1.0 I really haven’t seen so many changes. The thing is Web 2.0 has changed the consumer where as Web 1.0 changed mostly the companies, not totally but mostly. Now the whole service company/manufacturer consumer dynamic has changed, I hate to sound clichéd but the consumer really is ‘empowered’ and if companies aren’t good, it’ll cost them dearly! Permission marketing will be the norm and I recommend everyone who’s not clear on it should sit down and watch some Seth videos and read a few of his books!

      Great to hear from you Ed, stay in touch, best regards. Peter

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    Well congratulations Peter on the Alpaca Badge, well deserved! I love Mashable and find it to be a huge resource of information and importantly, a great way to connect with others within my market niche. I enjoy sharing and referring to articles on Mashable. Now I am off to look into the Mashable Social Media Platform! Thanks for the tip and advice. Always enjoy your articles and information.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Lynn, thanks for the comments and I must add that I think the Mashable connection with Social Media is excellent. It’s a shame about their timing because Empire Avenue seems to be soaking up the Social Media limelight. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the Blog posts and I tried to add your email address to Empire Avenue but they said they already had it?? Let me know how that goes please. Good to hear from you, all the very best, Peter

  3. Leona Martin says:


    WOW. You once again hit it all on the mark of Social Media! Looking forward to learning more from you!

    I had NO idea about Mashable and signed up and am following YOU! :0) Earned an interesting badge Dramatic Chipmunk and a Rabbit one. LOL!

    I’m also off to see about PostRank can’t remember if I’ve ever heard of it, but I do check Klout every so often. Gotta decent score.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Leona, I’m glad you liked the new Mashable system, I think it’s great and I’m expecting Mashable to take things even further now they’ve moved into the Social Media spotlight.

      I’m flattered that you’re following me and I hope we can share some value information!!

      PostRank is great, I need to adjust some of my settings to get more accurate analytics, but what they tell you is amazing. I am NOT the most technically savvy guy on the planet but I’m determined to make an effort. However, I still get lots of information and it’s great to know who Re-Tweets your Tweets!!

      Thanks very much for your positive comments, very much appreciated!

      Have fun at PostRank, stay in touch, all the best, Peter

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