Social Media networking: The truth about Empire Avenue, the Empire Avenue Facebook group and being an ‘early adopter’!!



Come and join the Social Media 'early adopters'!

A lot of people aren’t too sure about Empire Avenue and some of the comments I’ve been reading are quite funny, especially coming from Social Media consultants and advocates and dare I say, even from some of the Social Media gurus?

Frankly, I’ve heard a lot of similar comments in the past about other Social Media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and even Flickr and LinkedIn. (Not too many people ever considered YouTube just a fad or a gimmick, that’s was always an obvious winner!)

How are Facebook and Twitter doing now?  Not too bad by all accounts!

For FULL details on Empire Avenue

To me and I guess I am an ‘early adopter’, or early-ish at least, as I’ve only been into Empire Avenue a couple of days, it’s a simple enough concept.  It’s all about communication and sharing and that’s the epitome of Social Media is it not?

Do I completely understand what Empire Avenue is really all about?  No!  Of course I don’t!  I’m busy and I have got plenty of other things to do, BUT during the occasional coffee break and rather than watching TV at night, while my kids do homework and my wife plays Scrabble on her lap top, I’m checking out Empire Avenue!

I’ve met some great new people and it’s fun, much more fun that TV!!

Empire Avenue the new place for Social Media networking.

OK, so what is Empire Avenue all about?   Basically, it’s about investing into other people, many of whom you are bound to know personally or have heard of either on the Social Media scene or from some corner of the Blogosphere.

The idea, and some people don’t seem to fully appreciate it yet, is to communicate and buy and sell shares and develop your Empire Avenue ‘brand’ and grow.  Do I know all the secrets of Empire Avenue, no I don’t!  Is my share price rising?   Yes, quite considerably and some of that is down to my choosing good people to invest into and my personal Social Media activity on a daily basis.

MARKETINGM8 looks forward to seeing you on Empire Avenue!


I have read that some people feel Empire Avenue should make it easier to use and explain everything… come on, are you serious?  Some people are still learning the basics of Facebook, some don’t even know how to do Facebook marketing via a business page!  Half the fun of new stuff is learning about it, right?!


Construction Marketing UK Ltd. and Empire Avenue

All your top Facebook friends and Twitter followers are available to invest into, if they’re members, and so are lots of new Social Media advocates.  That’s where the networking begins!


Empire Avenue and Construction Marketing Uk Ltd.

I recommended the guys at LetUsBeSocial, Buffer and the tCn team to join and I bought shares in them immediately, while their prices were nice and low!  I’ve just got to hope they get into it and their prices go up.  I’ve also bought into other people I know from Twitter and Facebook and developed those online friendships even further!  My friend Dillon who introduced me to Empire Avenue, bought my shares very cheap and he’s making good money on them!!  He just knew I’d be well into this!


Construction Marketing UK Ltd. and Empire Avenue

Here’s some of the awards I’ve won already for being active AND I haven’t been on here hours, just a few visits during coffee breaks and in the evening!


Empire Avenue and Construction Marketing UK Ltd.

Joining is easy, you can just sign in with your Facebook account.  What’s stopping you?

What do I think, really?  I think it’s great and a fun diversion in a what’s a very serious and challenging world right now.  Will Empire Avenue become a major success?  Very probably, but it is hard to say after only having been on it for a couple of days!

Does Empire Avenue really offer similar results to Klout and PeerIndex?  Maybe, maybe it’s even better because it considers (measures) all personal interaction within the actual site too and there’s much more to interact with than on Klout or PeerIndex.

Do you want to join?? Should you join??

If you are into Social Media you really ought to at least take a good look, try the system out before you judge it and certainly before you recommend it or not to other people.

Is it productive or a waste of time in a world filled with Social Media platforms and digital distractions?  It’s like Facebook and Twitter, if you are smart you can use it to your advantage, but if you only give some fleeting consideration, you’ll get insignificant results. Basically, it’s like anything in life, it’s what YOU make it!  You get out, what you put it!


It's a closed group, but you can ask to join.

Everything new gets a Facebook group, right?  Despite Empire Avenue not being that new, but having become super popular just recently and it does of course have a Facebook group.

I was invited by my good friend Dillon Rhodes to join the Empire Avenue Facebook group #SocialEmpire and the people in the group are a great crowd as most Social Media groups seem to be. Welcoming to enthusiastic ’newbies’  and very into Social Media, as you would expect! The group is managed by Shannon Morgan.

Check out Empire Avenue for yourself and if you like it ask to join the #SocialEmpire Facebook group!  They’re a great crowd and know all the inner workings of Empire Avenue. if you need advice that’s where to get it!

If you find this information interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever Social Media platform you prefer.  Please use the Wibiya toolbar or the sharebar to vote on BizSugar, Serpd, StumbleUpon and Blokube.  Social Media is all about sharing quality information, so spread the good news!

If you want to get started with a Social Media marketing campaign, or you really need a Blog and you need one NOW!!  Call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a Blog can be or we’ll tell you about our Social Media starter system, which is very cost effective!




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19 Responses to Social Media networking: The truth about Empire Avenue, the Empire Avenue Facebook group and being an ‘early adopter’!!

  1. Gail Gardner says:

    I love social media but the wording on empire avenue leaves me cold. I have no interest in any concept that believes buying and selling your friends or “owning anyone on the social web” is appropriate.

    The older and wiser I get, the more selective I am about what kind of role model our actions suggest and whether what we do stays in alignment with our personal ethical standards which are non-negotiable. (That’s what makes them ethics – that they are not rationalized away on whims.)

    I know that most will not notice the connotations I find so disturbing, but that does not mean they are not relevant. I do recognize that the further down the slippery slope of “anything goes” we move the more obvious these things become to me and the less obvious they are to others more deeply involved in the “norms” of the day.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Gail, good to hear from you and I do hear what you’re saying! Please check out the video link and you’ll see how it all began!

      To me it’s just a fun way to network with new people, a way to meet people that will communicate with me and read what I have to say on my Blog.

      I also understand that as we adapt to new technologies and continue to embrace Social Media in all its various forms and formats, we must NOT lose sight of standards and ethics.

      I don’t believe that an individual actually owns ‘you’ as such, but owns part of your brand, just as we might own shares in anything on the NASDAQ or wherever. If it amounted to actually owning people, that would be a different story.

      I may be looking at this in a simplistic manner but to me it’s just a fun Social Media networking place that looks at your Social Media interaction, your engagement, much like Klout and PeerIndex and creates a picture of you and your social capital.

      Great to hear from you, do stay in touch, all the best, Peter

      • Gail Gardner says:

        Hi Peter,

        I was once involved in a huge debate on a major forum where I taught because their redesign used bombs and other war imagery. A couple of us felt that was inappropriate for a search engine marketing forum that had nothing to do with war but to the designer they were just “cool retro images”.

        Only a few of us were willing to publicly state that we do not find anything related to war and violence “cool” while the majority of people have accepted the societal conditioning intended to ensure that most will support the growth of the military-industrial-complex – and now permanent war.

        The older I get I can see the big picture and how seemingly unimportant or trivial things influence people far more than they realize – and generally the more influenced they are the more they insist they are not.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Gail and thanks for dropping by again!

          I read your comments with interest and you are looking pretty deep into stuff, whereas most people don’t. I agree 100% but personally try not to think too deep about stuff like that, I spent a lot of time in the late 70′s and early 80′s worrying about nuclear annihilation, that was stressful enough and a cloud of negativity like that can obscure the good and more positive things in life.

          These things do affect us though and they certainly do desensitize us, it worries me that my 13 year old son loves playing Call of Duty etc on PS3, but should I stop him? He can’t hang out like I used to all day; I used to walk along the coast where I lived from 1 resort to another aged 11 years and had no problems, today the kids are safer at home on the PS3! That is a tragedy of the 21st century, gangs, predators and lunatics existed years ago but they weren’t so widespread. Seems to me as a parent it’s best to have the kids at least safe at home, engaging with their friends online!

          You’ve made me realise that my Blogs versus websites missile photo was inappropriate a while ago, when I discussed the digital war in the Blogosphere and at the time it was a quite innocent move on my part!! I guess a lot of stuff happens and people don’t do things with malice they just do them without thought.

          We see violence dominate our culture and we see violence as entertainment, we always have, I’m not saying it’s good, but it’s a fact. I love CSI but it’s pretty grim if you stop and think about it! The Romans had gladiators and the Victorians had dog fighting, bear baiting, cock fighting, boxing and wrestling, luckily most are considered inappropriate as entertainment now, but human beings are inquisitive about the outcome of acts of violence, rather than the violence itself, I would say! What are we to do?? Hopefully our survival instincts are strong enough to control the situation?

          On a slightly different note, I’ve been wracking my brains to remember what wanted to have the power to alter my Tweets and Tweet for me, but I can’t remember!! I’ll tell you if I do!! Great post and StumbleUpon loved it!!

          Good to hear from you and you’ve raised some interesting points, we should think about the images we use and the words we use. In this age of super communication it is clearly more important than ever!

          Good to hear from you Gail, very best regards, Peter

          • Gail Gardner says:

            Hi Peter,

            I have not always realized all that is so obvious to me now. It came to me in bits and pieces as awareness always does – like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

            “Normal” is whatever you are used to and however you have been conditioned. The youth of today have no way of knowing what is appropriate or not because they are surrounded by the inappropriate.

            When Avatars can be programmed to dance so suggestively that they should only be seen in peep shows and we have moved “sex sells” from suggestive to far beyond suggestive to explicit is it any wonder people post and share photos and videos that WE would never want anyone to see OF US?

            There is no reason for CSI to be so gory except to desensitize us to the real thing that is likely coming – and that those who join the military already experience. Their obsession with death, blood, and serial killers is satanic.

            While I do not often mention it, I do not sink into depression over the state the world is in because I know man can not fix what we have done. That is impossible. But I am fortunate to know without any doubt that God can and will. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that time is short and no matter what happens the narrow path is the way.

          • Peter says:

            Hi Gail, sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. I found that link (took a while!) It’s the Fully Follow site. I won’t bother sending you a screenshot, although I did make one for you. I’m just super busy!

            I’m speaking to Ivin later about Blogs, he’ seems a great guy!

            I have to agree with your comments about the decline of standards, particularly in the ‘developed’ countries.

            I’m back off to the Philippine jungle in a few years, I like a simpler way of life!!

            We could discuss this for hours.

            All the best, enjoy looking into Fully Follow! :) Peter

  2. Andrew says:

    Have to agree with Gail on this one treating your friends as a commodity is not right let alone the effect it would have on any working / client relationships.

    I know from experience that competing with clients even in a virtual or social media way can loose you valued contacts as some time ago through Facebook I played the Zynga Poker site as did a number of friends and work related contacts. Although we rarely played each other or sat at the same virtual poker tables your total bankrole and rating are listed and being competitive everyone wants to be the top player in your own circle / list which leads to rivalry and resentment which breaks out into the real world. Unfortunately it seems I am a better virtual poker player than all my clients and friends and topped most of the lists but if your client or working contact is second on the list he can be top of his own list simply by pressing the do not follow or unfriend button on Facebook, which also means you have lost contact with that person and all his contacts. Not good for networking and you end up trying to build up a relationship with some one all over again.

    Could be very costly just to get a good Social Media rating.

    Another point I would also make is that it seems very time consuming you mention time spent while children doing homework and wife playing scrabble on computer…hey whats wrong with spending quality time with family get out the scrabble board and play for real and the kids can join in when homework is done.

    • Peter says:

      Hey Andrew, you top virtual poker player, how are you?? Great to hear from you and I hear what you’re saying, but it’s not treating your friends as a commodity, it’s their ‘Social Media brand’ which is very different.

      1st and foremost, Empire Avenue is not really time consuming, although I’m sure it will be for some people.

      My teenage kids do a lot of studying and homework because we strongly encourage it and although we do get very involved and help a lot, they’re now at the age that they need to learn to be independent. We do play Scrabble as a family! But to be fair, more time is spent on screens nowadays, but to me it’s no different to my whole family watching TV years ago.

      I do understand your comments about poker and I did find your comments amusing.

      Will I see you on Empire Avenue? I guess not?

      Great to hear from you though and we MUST speak again soon!!

      All the best, Peter

  3. Ed Han says:

    I’m not down on Empire Ave as the other commenters were: I think the idea is interest. It’s really about commodotizing social currency, which to me isn’t at all the same thing.

    If you accept the premise that we are all brands–and if you haven’t, that’s a very different kind of conversation–then you accept the premise that brands have currency with value that rises and falls based on the activity of the brand.

    Empire Ave just takes that concept one step further and models it using the equity market metaphor.

    Given the lack of adoption of social media by many financial services firms, I think this is both interesting and slightly ironic.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Ed, thanks for dropping by and offering your thoughts, good to see you again!

      Gail and Andrew’s comments earlier are understandable and I don’t believe that treating people as commodities is wise or a good direction to be heading towards. However, as you quite rightly point out and as I also said, it is our ‘Social Media brand’ that is being traded, not us as individuals. The Facebook, the Twitter, the LinkedIn accounts, all Social Media platforms are specific to us as individuals and therefore by the pure nature of our idiosyncrasies we create a brand. Even if we don’t intend to or if we do it unintentionally, we do create a distinctive brand. As the Empire Avenue video link suggests, everything we do has value, particularly with Social Media; Klout and PeerIndex judge our ‘Social Capital’ by how we engage and how our peers react to our engagement. As you quite rightly say, Empire Avenue has merely taken it a step further and made it fun!

      Thanks for your input, it’s a real pleasure for me when people take time out of their day to comment on what I’ve written. That’s what it’s all about!!

      All the best Ed and thanks again, best regards, Peter

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  6. I’ve been having fun using Empire Avenue, Peter. I am in the same boat as you are. I consider myself an “early adopter” trying to learn the ropes of the platform. I think that it has potential and I am curious to see where is will go in upcoming months. In the meantime, I like having a new space to connect with my network in a different kind of setting!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Lauren, can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get back to you! Empire Avenue is fun and not only have I ‘cemented’ some already good business relationships but I’ve made new contacts and got an opportunity to lecture companies on Blogs and Blogging, not bad for a game. Check out my blog post on Hoverme Hover card.

      Must go, super busy, all the best, great to hear from you again, best regards Peter :) (I’ll buy some of your stock later!)

  7. Greg clark says:

    Ok I’m interested I hadn’t heard of this before and currently on my phone so can’t really have a proper look but thought I’d leave a comment so I can find this later when I get home. Going to play with it over the weekend and let u know my thoughts .


    • Peter says:

      Hi Greg, you’ll love it, it is a bit addictive though!

      I’m not boasting (I promise) but because I’m so involved with Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc, I get a lot of points and after just over a week I’m 10th richest company (Not in real ££!) in the UK, that’s pretty good considering Empire Avenues been going a couple of years!

      You need to establish LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts and be active, the more the merrier and that’s what it’s all about.

      It’s great fun & I’ve met some amazing people and even got some work lecturing on Blogging!!

      However, I’ll warn you it takes time and chews it up if you’re not active on Social Media anyway.

      Join by clicking on my Blog and I’ll earn some points!!

      If you need any help with stuff, let me know!

      Thanks for dropping by!

      All the very best, Peter


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