Social Media revolution: Social Media satire 9, Empire Avenue, Buffer and hating spam!


Social Media revolution: Social Media satire 9: Empire Avenue, Buffer and hating spam.

I have to say that my recent Empire Avenue post broke all records!  Thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope your stock price on Empire Avenue is doing as well as mine!  It looks like I found a subject that lots of people are interested in and I guess that’s what Blogging is all about?

It seems to me that Empire Avenue has created a place for the Social Media ‘in crowd’ to hang out!  Someone called it Social Media Marmite and that’s very clever, because it is and I love it!  Like all things Social Media, it can devour the hours, but if you are a serious Social Media advocate, you’ve just got to be there!  Why?  For the networking if nothing else, during the last week I’ve met well over 100 very significant Social Media contacts, fellow Bloggers and people that will read and potentially promote my Blog and the services I provide.  Since I’ve been on Empire Avenue and since I’ve started talking about Empire Avenue, my viewing stats have flown up and they were pretty good anyway, I’ve only had the RevolverMaps globe on the Blog a couple of months!  Coincidence?  I don’t think so and what do I always say?  Communication adds value!  I’ve been saying it forever and Empire Avenue is all about communication and with a Social Media specific audience.  That’s ideal for someone in my business, right?

But before we talk about what a success Empire Avenue is and how it put Mashable’s new Social Media connectivity in the shade a little, let’s have another look at Buffer.

Protect your brand and your Social Media reputation!

If you are not aware, Buffer is a great automatic Tweet system that not only promotes your brand around the clock but also protects your Klout score, your PeerIndex social capital and your Empire Avenue stock price.  Sounds good, right?  Why do I recommend Buffer so enthusiastically?  A couple of reasons, firstly I like the guys behind the company, they’re young, enthusiastic, smart, entrepreneurial and based here in the UK.  This country needs smart young guys!!  Secondly, Buffer really helps me, Social Media just eats time when you’re as involved as I am and anything that saves me valuable time is good!!

Protect your Social Capital & your brand with Buffer!

Save hours and keep your brand out there? Here’s a Buffer link:


Save time for the more important things in life!

Branding and Social Media make great partners, but you need to keep your brand out there for people to see; not hard selling, because we know that doesn’t work with Social Media.  Providing people with the opportunity to engage with your brand and become more familiar with your products or services is what it’s really all about!  As I’ve said before, permission marketing is the new discipline and it’s what people expect with Social Media.


Protect your brand at all costs!

Talking of brands and branding, poor old Sony took a hiding from the hackers, didn’t they? A company as big and powerful and with such deep pockets has got no excuses and this very silly mistake has cost Sony a fortune.  Maybe not in immediate fiscal terms, but taking a long term view, its finances and its brand have taken a real beating.  Surveys tell us time and time again that trust is SO important in any business relationship.  Bill Gates and his Xbox boys must be loving life!


Spam still gets around but how can we stop it??

I really don’t like spam, I get 1,000′s of spam messages in my comments box, luckily good old Akismet protects me, but it’s still rife!   Is spam something we really have to waste our time on and do spammers actually gain anything at all from spamming us all the time?   I have had the occasional spam on my Construction Social Media Marketing Facebook group and the problem is, once it starts, it tends to get worse.  I like members of the group posting interesting posts and interacting, that’s good, but I do NOT want spammy adverts for anything that doesn’t relate to property, construction or Social Media.  Topics of conversations are very, very different to hard sell, in your face spam ads!!

I should add that HAM is good, that’s the good comments that get through and I’ve had 438 which I’m very happy about, thanks everyone.  But I’ve also had 6,098 spams which Akismet have caught and they’re 98.47% accurate, which is impressive by any standards!

Anyway, less about spam and ham, all my vegetarian friends will be feeling alienated and queasy.


So where would you invest on Empire Avenue?

Who would I invest into on Empire Avenue?  Someone who is very proactive, has a decent track record, knows plenty of people and has at least a reasonable Klout score and a good level of PeerIndex social capital.  The rest is like stocks, a bit of a gamble!

I believe that I proved that Empire Avenue is much, much more than a game, because after only 4 days as a member, I met a Social Media marketer and sat down with the guy and talked Blogs, Blogging and the future of Social Media.  We didn’t chat over Skype, or Facebook messaging, we actually met, in real life!   I don’t want to jinx the situation, but I’m confident we will do business together and it could be a lot!!  Empire Avenue a game? No, Social Media at its very best!


Do not worry, it's NOT real money!

If you’re the kind of Social Media advocate that loves networking and meeting new people, Empire Avenue is perfect for you!  But, it does get addictive, however,  it isn’t real money, so don’t worry too much.  If your stock price drops because you’re on holiday or you’re just way too busy to give up a few minutes a day, don’t worry, you can make up for it!

Read this great link from William Pitcher This link will explain a lot!!

Here’s another link from Domino Oracle who knows a lot about Empire Avenue,

Here’s the joining up link you’ve been hoping for!


Meet the crowd at #SocialEmpire, learn about Empire Avenue and have fun!

Some people clearly know a lot more than others and the Facebook group #SocialEmpire is a great place to meet people and learn things!  The people there are fun and welcoming and very knowledgeable!  If you want to join me there, let me know!


Empire Avenue doesn't make you a Social Media guru, but it show's you know what's happening!

If you’d like to try out Empire Avenue or find out more about it, just contact me and I’ll be please to help you. ( )


It can be considered a game, it's a personal view!

As I mentioned, based on my initial experiences, Empire Avenue is far more than just a game, but it’s what you make it!  To me, it’s a great place for networking and I’ve met some great people already AND it’s fun!!

Here’s a link: Let me know when you join so I can invest into you!  Sent me a Tweet or a Shoutout on Empire Avenue!

  1. Check out Empire Avenue for yourself and if you like it ask to join the #SocialEmpire Facebook group!  They’re a great crowd and know all the inner workings of Empire Avenue, if you need advice that’s where to get it!

If you find this information interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever Social Media platform you prefer.  Please use the Wibiya toolbar or the sharebar to vote on BizSugar, Serpd, StumbleUpon and Blokube.  Social Media is all about sharing quality information, so spread the good news!

If you want to get started with a Social Media marketing campaign, or you really need a Blog and you need one NOW!!  Call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a Blog can be or we’ll tell you about our Social Media starter system, which is very cost effective!




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11 Responses to Social Media revolution: Social Media satire 9, Empire Avenue, Buffer and hating spam!

  1. Lindsey e(DDALES) says:

    Lol as good as ever! I’ve become a buffer fan too this week but am still far too spontaneous to plan properly. I’ll resolve that soon! Thanks for the buy on #eav

    • Peter says:

      Hi Lindsey, great that you popped by to say hello!! I’m glad you like the satire still! Look out for the Hoverme Hover card app, it’s brilliant!!

      Speak soon and I’ll buy more stock!

      All the best, Peter

  2. A lot of folks like Buffer because it allows them to tweet when they are not there. That is exactly why I do not like Buffer. If I see a tweet, I assume the person is there. It is very frustrating to DM somebody you think is around, when in fact it is a robot tweeting for them (Don’t we usually call that “spam”?).

    Buffer turns a social media account into a broadcast media account. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t go to far (I can imagine in a future world where everybody tweets in absentia, and nobody is left to read).

    For me, I prefer the “social” aspect. I do admit that if Buffer (or some other tool) was to make it easy to pre-schedule a single tweet at specified times, I would use that feature; right now I forget to tweet a blog post after the initial tweet, and that would be useful for new followers and for followers that were not online when I first tweeted it.

    • Peter says:

      Hi David, I love that you’re sticking to your guns over Buffer!! I do agree that there’s a difference between automation and convenience!! A big grey area!

      To me also, the essence and beauty of Social Media is the complete connectivity without borders! It’s all about communication between people and that’s all good.

      Take care David, great to hear from you as always!

      Very best regards, Peter

  3. greg says:

    Hi Peter
    after reading through your tweets and blog I thought I would give empire avenue ago! I must say I am confused as hell and havent a clue what I am doing lol… but going to stick with it and see what happens.



    • Peter says:

      Go with it Greg, did you get a stock symbol?? We should have this chat on Twitter, Facebook or Empire Avenue!! Let me know your symbol, it’s easy, look for MARKETINGM8 and give me a shout out! I should have earned from you joining?? :) Speak soon, peter :)

  4. Barry says:

    Love your social satire. Always puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning!

  5. The best part is the graphics. :-) Nicely done, Peter. Thank you for sharing.

    • Peter says:

      Hey, that was super quick!!

      Thanks for dropping bye, great to see you.

      I keep getting told I should put all the cartoons on separate platform, I tried a couple of place but they seemed like a lot of hassle. Twitpic’s good but not enough. As you’re a pretty eclectic kind of blogger I thought you might be able to recommend somewhere.

      Thanks for your time, very best regards


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