Social Media development: The Social Media guru test gets easier with Hoverme’s new Hovercard.



The Social Media guru test and how it’s getting easier!!

Before I explain a few recent breakthroughs in testing the status of Social Media gurus, here is an official version of the controversial word guru.

A guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher).

source: wikipedia:

OK, so a Social Media guru is someone who knows a fair bit about the subject of Social Media and hopefully, Social Media marketing.  Great, but how do we determine if they really know enough to justify hiring them?

Good question and with Blogging and Blog design it’s easy, you look at the Blog and determine its quality by the content and presentation and what other alternatives the company offers you.  If they only work with one basic Blog format, forget it, there are 100′s of different WordPress themes to chose from and hundreds of different plug ins available to enhance the Blog’s usage and performance.  You want what’s best for you and your company, not just a copy of what they’ve got.  Blogs are designed around you and your requirements, it’s not like buying a laptop or a mobile telephone!

How do you tell if a Blog is good??

When it comes to a complete Social Media plan or Social Media marketing campaign you need someone who has a very good understanding of the whole Social Media scene.  Unlike myself, some Bloggers just Blog, they write posts and they just send them out into the Blogosphere, job done!  As most of us know, there’s a lot more to Social Media than just Blogging.

So, how do you choose a Social Media guru??

Not all Social Media guru's are available on eBay

Thanks to eBay for the photo of the Seth Godin action figure.

Here’s a list of some of the very good Social Media guys!  I’m not too sure if they’d all appreciate being called gurus or not?  Look them up on Google, read what they have to say on their Blogs, read their books or watch them on YouTube and judge for yourself!  I’d be interested in your opinion, so feel free to comment and sorry if I’ve missed out anyone that you might consider crucial!

Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Darren Rowse, Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, Jeremiah Owyang, Mark Zuckerberg and the list goes on and on…

These guys are obvious specialists and experts, but they don’t rub shoulders with Joe Public every day and address minor Social Media issues, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to speak to someone a little further down the Social Media ladder!  Having said, Michael Stelzner, Cindy King and Mari Smith are always kind enough to respond to my comments left on the Social Media Examiner Blog, that’s impressive and so has Brian Solis on his Blog!  It’s good to see that some of these guys practice what they preach and do engage with their audience.

The general public meet Social Media consultants like me and my Social Media peers, but what makes us good at what we do and how can people judge our abilities?  Let’s face it, anyone can say they’re a Social Media guru, everything’s so new and constantly changing, they’ve only got to be a couple of steps ahead!

A CV in the 21st century is just not enough!

There are some basic ways to check and looking at a LinkedIn profile is a pretty good place to begin and if your Social Media consultant has no LinkedIn profile or it’s a very basic one, with no Products and Services, very few connections, no group memberships, no recommendations and it’s not 100% complete, forget it!  Do yourself a big favour and move on to someone else!

However good LinkedIn may be, it doesn’t actually tell you how involved a Social Media consultant is on a daily basis and in the Social Media business, being engaged across the Blogosphere is NOT really something you can do part time!

PeerIndex, Klout and more recently, Empire Avenue, will all provide you with an idea of how someone interacts with Social Media because if their Klout score is low or they have minimal Social Capital on PeerIndex or their stock has a low value on Empire Avenue, it says a lot about their knowledge and their ability.  Someone may well have a couple of major contracts under their belt from a year or two ago, but Social Media is a fast paced environment and as we begin the 2nd decade of the 21st century, Social Media is so much more than building a website or a Blog and sending a few Tweets every now and then!


This is where a lot of Social Media people network and it's fast becoming an essential place to be!

Social Media has certainly taken off over the last few years and as I said back in the middle of 2010, this will be a pivotal year and if you read Cindy King’s regular features on the Social Media Examiner Blog regarding new companies, tools and services, you will see that an enormous amount of development is going on!

So, a corporation needs a Social Media consultant, they find one on Google or LinkedIn and their LinkedIn profile is 100%, their Products and Services address all the skills and abilities required, their recommendations are in place, their Klout scores and PeerIndex scores are high, as is their Empire Avenue stock price; that’s all good, but how connected is this consultant and how can we tell at at glance instead of spending days going through the many relevant Social Media platforms??

Wouldn’t it be nice, to just hover our mouse over a persons avatar profile on our Twitter feed and take a look at their Social Media connectivity??  It would be wonderful wouldn’t it?

Well now, thanks to Ed and Laura Orcutt from LOBOSLLC it is possible!

Hoverme Hovercard is a revolutionary new Social Media quality selection device

My description of the Hoverme Hovercard would be ‘a digital Social Media engagement business card’, a card that offers immediate access to a complete selection of a Social Media advocate’s Social Media engagement credentials.

My good friend Clive from Parenting Extra sent me a Tweet late last night with a link regarding this and I was very impressed!!  Ed Orcutt was kind enough to thank me for Tweeting about 120 people very early this morning and sharing the good news and he then went on to offer me some insight into the company, its motivation and its future direction.  (Who said Twitter’s no good for business!?)

Peter Masters: “Thanks for taking time out to speak to me Ed, I’m very grateful.  Let me first ask you what actually motivated LOBOSLLC to develop Hoverme’s Hovercard?”

Ed Orcutt: “Our motivation was to scratch a (Social Media) itch!  We wanted to make it quicker and easier for people to see an individual’s Social Media profile.”

Peter Masters: “When I hover my mouse over my Twitter feed avatar, many of my Social Media credentials are immediately revealed, this is excellent for anyone needing a real indication of my Social Media engagement, what systems does this currently work on Ed?”

Ed Orcutt: “Right now it works on Twitter, Twitter search, Tweetmeme, Trendistic and we’re adding more every day!”

Peter Masters: “I had to write about this development as soon as I heard about it Ed because it’s another great way to save people a lot of time.  What else are you guys developing over at LOBOSCLL?”

Ed Orcutt: “Well for now we’re looking to add additional features to the Hovercard and develop a new website.”

Peter Masters: “Thanks very much Ed, I’m sure that people will be delighted with this great new Social Media digital business card and I wish you the best of luck for the future.”

Ed Orcutt: “Thank you Peter, as it’s passed 1a.m. here right now, I’m heading off for some sleep, I look forward to reading your Blog article.”

It would seem that Ed and Laura Orcutt like most Social Media professionals nowadays are putting in some serious hours, Social Media is a demanding environment but pioneers were never known for taking it easy or resting on their laurels, were they?


A great way to clarify Social Media connectivity and engagement

I feel that this Hoverme Hovercard system will be more than welcomed by the Social Media community at all levels and it presents a great glimpse of the way companies like LOBOSLLC are helping pioneer quality products and tools to make our Social Media connectivity and engagement that much easier and faster!

Good luck Ed and Laura Orcutt I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot more about Hoverme and the Hovercard!!

For full details of LOBOSLLC, the Hoverme Hovercard and contact details of Ed and laura Orcutt here’s the link,

If you find this information interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever Social Media platform you prefer.  Please use the Wibiya toolbar or the sharebar to vote on BizSugar, Serpd, StumbleUpon and Blokube.  Social Media is all about sharing quality information, so spread the good news!

If you want to get started with a Social Media marketing campaign, or you really need a Blog and you need one NOW!!  Call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a Blog can be or we’ll tell you about our Social Media starter system, which is very cost effective!

Social media: select and connect with MarketingM8

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16 Responses to Social Media development: The Social Media guru test gets easier with Hoverme’s new Hovercard.

  1. Barry Watson says:

    Another great blog by Peter. Must re-read when i get 5 mins.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Baz, great to see you again, thanks for dropping by, you’ll like Hoverme Hover card, it’s great! Easy as pie to install too! great for all your customers, even more value for them!

      See you soon I hope, all the best


  2. Thanks for the mention Peter – we find HoverCard for twitter really useful for finding the other social profiles of our friends and contacts.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Clive and Fiona, great to hear from you and thanks for the information in the 1st place! Excellent idea from Ed & Laura and I’m certain it’ll take off really well. I’m off to tell the Empire Avenue gang! They get empire Avenue on it!! All the best Peter

  3. Leo Widrich says:

    Great post Peter,

    Never heard about the Hover Card, but it looks very interesting! Will try that out too for sure! :)

    • Peter says:

      Thanks very for dropping in again Leo, great to see you! It seems like a great tool, I’ve installed it and it’s very easy & works like a dream.

      Let me know what you think. All the best, Peter

  4. Leona Martin says:


    Great blog again and very informative. I’ll have to check out this Hoverme, not sure I will utilize it at this time, but the future holds much!

    2011 is THE year for Social Media!

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop of all that you do!

    • Peter says:

      Hello Leona, great to see you here! Hoverme is great for me as a marketer because I can see immediately if someone needs connecting to say YouTube or Posterous or Behance or whatever. It helps me understand who I’m dealing with and gives me an idea of what people need without too much effort, time is always of the essence, right? Plus, as I say in the Blog, it lets people know who I am and see what I’m connected to.

      If you need any help with LinkedIn let me know, just copy what I’ve done and don’t forget to add products and services, they’re great new features. If you type into the companies box ‘construction social media marketing’ you will see that I am number one out of 15,564. I’m not showing off, it’s the way that you compile your profile etc. If you want to know how to do this for your chosen sector, I’ll tell you.

      Let me know when your on LinkedIn and I’ll invite you to join my group!

      Good to hear from you, best regards,


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  6. Hey Peter, I had never heard of these tools…I now see how people get so overwhelmed with all the social tools available!

    I’ll have to check them out…great post as usual! :-)

    • Peter says:

      Hi Kesha, great to hear from you again! Hoverme Hovercard is new to me, but some people in the USA have been using it for a while. The CEO, Ed Orcutt, is a very nice guy, very friendly and down to earth and I think my suggestion of getting into Empire Avenue was exactly what he wanted to hear because it puts another dimension into his product. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      I had a big fun with the ‘Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Chris Brogan, Empire Avenue…’ Blog headline today, but I had some crazy stuff go on and that link vanished from my Blog, very odd?? I’ve got a friend looking into it for me! Glad I put stuff on StumbleUpon and BizSugar etc.. I hope to see you on Empire Avenue soon, it’s great for networking! I’m sure I sent you an invite?? If I didn’t for some reason, just let me know.

      Take it easy, all the very best, Peter

  7. Ileane says:

    Hi Peter, I’ve been using the Hover Me extension for Chrome for a few months now and I blogged about it a while back. It’s a great extension. Thanks for all the info!

    • Peter says:

      Ileane, I’m delighted to see you here!

      Great to hear you like Hoverme Hovercard too! I will catch up and check out your Blog post, I saw you were kind enough to sent a link on a Tweet too!!

      Excellent, this is exactly what Social media is all about.

      Looks like you were ahead of me on the Hoverme Hovercard! I see you everywhere I go and I know very well you don’t miss much that’s Social Media :) Are you on Empire Avenue, I’ll buy stock in you for sure!!

      Great to hear from you, I hope you like next weeks Social Media satire with a focus on Empire Avenue.

      All the best, regards Peter

  8. Haven’t heard of this but will definitely check it out. Trying to keep on top of all the new ways to interact socially is one of my favorite things to do! Thanks!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Martha, so pleased to see you here! Here’s the link and if this is one of your favorite things to do, you’ll be back here saying thank you SO MUCH! You will love this!

      I have met so many amazing people in juts 2 weeks!!

      It’s 6 41a.m and I must get finished before breakfast as this is my day off!!

      Join me on Empire Avenue, it’s the biggest thing since Facebook and Twitter and please come back and tell me I was right!

      Great to here from you and let me know when you join, I’ll add you to the #SocialEmpire Facebook group too!

      Bye for now, all the best, Peter

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