Successful Social Media: Social Media ROI and how do I find and engage my audience?



Social Media: Is it right for you and your business? (Part Three)

Successful Social Media: Why business shouldn’t be scared of Social Media!

In this final part of my articles inspired by my recent visit to Fynn Valley golf club in Ipswich and the Social Media seminar held by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, I would like to address questions I was asked whilst networking after the talk given by Ashley Riley from Ashley Riley Communications.

Stuart Anderson is the owner of Anvil Tool Company, I have known Stuart for quite some time and advised him on various aspects of his online or digital marketing in the past.

Stuart Anderson of Anvil Tool Company: “I am using Social Media to improve my brand awareness and communication, but I’m not sure how to find other new prospects for my services and products.  What would you recommend?”

Peter Masters, Construction Marketing UK: “First and foremost I would use LinkedIn and get involved with groups and perhaps even consider starting a specific group that deals with things relating to your business and your services and products.  Secondly, I would look for Facebook groups that also deal with related subjects and join them, my Construction Social Media Marketing Facebook Group has lots of construction people as members and they could prove to be useful contacts.”

“But once again, don’t just go in and try to sell things, blatant advertising and lots of it is generally considered spam and frowned upon in Social Media forums at any level.  Get to know people, prove that you are an authority on your specific sector and build upon that.”

Engage, engage and engage some more!

“I would also use Follower Wonk , this Twitter tool enables you to find industry specific companies on Twitter and follow or communicate with them.  It’s a great tool and saves lots of time on research.  It is also a good idea to #FF these people if they provide useful information and this will help build up a quality Twitter relationship. Again, do NOT go into new contacts on Social Media and try and sell them your services or products immediately, it does not work!”  ( )

On the subject of Twitter, if you find it difficult to send Tweets all day long, you are not the only one!  I strongly recommend Buffer, it’s a simple  automated Tweet function with great analytics that show you just how effective your Tweets are!  One very important thing I’ve learned with Buffer is that my Tweets on blogs and blogging are Re-Tweeted and better received than any other.

“Once communication with a prospective customer has been established via Social Media and a relationship has begun, it’s relatively easy to take it to a higher level; connect on Facebook if appropriate, offer advice or guidance if it’s needed and build upon the base you have created.  Things will develop naturally from there, suggest a face to face meeting at an appropriate time and place and from experience, I know that business will eventually blossom.”


What about ROI??

My second question came from an online or digital friend whom I met face to face for the first time at the seminar.

Sarah Bliss, Social Media advocate said, “People are always asking me about ‘return on investment’ or ROI with Social Media and how you judge it? Naturally, I’ve got my own professional opinion, but what do you think?”

Great question Sarah and one that a lot of people try to avoid. The bottom line is, as it has always been with any marketing, increased revenue and as I’ve said before, this isn’t always immediate.

Response is easily checked, my Blog analytics from GetClicky, tell me every visit from every country around the world, they also tell me who reads what, for how long, how many people look at the pages, how long they stay and whether or not they come back.  I also know where they were referred from, whether they came from a link somewhere or through a search engine.  So I know that my blog works, I know who reads it and everything about them.  My Blog statistics tell me that most viewers come from StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources.  This helps me understand where to concentrate my marketing efforts.

Enquiries by email or telephone are carefully monitored and the right questions are asked.  I know most Internet enquiries come from Google rather than Yahoo, Bing or any of the other search engines. I know how many enquiries are converted to real business and I also know how many are people just browsing or researching.  ROI can be determined and I know that with Social Media it is all about building a base and like most things, it doesn’t all happen over night!

Tweeted YouTube videos get watched!

Social Media, apart from the time involved, is generally FREE and reaches millions of people, but it does take time to get established and it does need to be well managed like any other marketing!

If you would like to know more about Social Media or if you have any questions that you would like me to answer, you can email me or leave a comment on this blog.  My advice is FREE!  For regular Social Media updates please subscribe to our newsletter.

If you find this information interesting, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever Social Media platform you prefer.  Please use the Wibiya toolbar or the sharebar to vote on BizSugar, Serpd, StumbleUpon and Blokube.  Social Media is all about sharing quality information, so spread the good news!

If you want to get started with a Social Media video marketing campaign, or if you really need a Blog and you need one NOW!!  Call Peter on 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a Blog can be or we’ll tell you about our Social Media starter system, which is very cost effective!















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4 Responses to Successful Social Media: Social Media ROI and how do I find and engage my audience?

  1. Anne Patrick says:

    This post is really helpful to me in my marketing posts in my blog site. I always think if how will I get used to know my audience. In how could I give what they wanted with a little entertainment while reading my posts. Thanks for sharing this important topic.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Anne,

      Thanks for your comments and your time!

      I have found that the humour I introduced with social Media satire helps a lot! If you get too preachy or overly technical people tend to get bored. I have found adding humour helps people learn more quickly and enjoy what they are learning.

      Please feel free to come back if you ever need any help! I’m always happy to help people.

      All the very best, stay in touch, Peter

  2. Hello Peter

    I believe you have given a very good summary of the seminar.
    I have found your enthusiastic approach and practical guidance to this daunting subject very useful indeed; I can’t recommend you highly enough. It’s also nice to see the Anvil Tool Company get a mention.



    • Peter says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it a lot!

      It’s difficult not to be enthusiastic about something as good as Social Media.

      I’m very happy to be able to pass on some useful tips and advice.

      Good to hear from, stay in touch!

      All the very best, Peter

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