BMW fails BIG time at Social Media on Empire Avenue!



Social Media is all about sharing and engagement, it’s about providing quality information and building relationships.  It is not a platform for traditional advertising or PR and people that treat it as such tend to lose much more than they gain.

How many times do major corporations need to be told??

Look at what some (not ALL) of the Empire Avenue BMW stock investors are saying:

Jason Hall:  Hopefully BMW engages with the community. But until then, check out (e)AGENT which has a much lower cost & more than double the dividend payout. Play To Win!

Marcio Disney #TEAMZEN #Collective: A lot of people are losing eaves because BMW just don’t want to engage in the game!

#XBAR Bryce Watanasoponwong: You need to make your investor proud by becoming more active on EAv.

If people were leaving me shoutouts like this on MARKETINGM8, I’d be worried about my company’s Social Media credibility! (Just checked before publishing, comments getting worse, price down further.)


marketingm8 sees a BMW social media problem

Social Media is ALL about engagement

If I look at my activity on MARKETINGM8 I’m amazed at how much I actually do using Social Media in a week, but let’s look at BMW and see how much they engage using various Social Media platforms and Empire Avenue and let’s not forget that Empire Avenue is a ‘game’ that’s all about Social Media engagement .  We all knew what it was before we joined, didn’t we?

Maybe that’s BMW’s problem, they don’t understand the basics when it comes to Empire Avenue or Social Media, maybe their marketing people just joined Empire Avenue without giving it any real thought?  The fact that they only have 1 stock in their portfolio is worrying and the guy’s stock bio says he’s the ‘Social Business Evangelist of BMW Group.’ Why hasn’t he told them they need to get connected and start interacting with people?   Isn’t that what any faithful Social Business Evangelist would do?

Maybe BMW thought Empire Avenue was just somewhere to get free advertising?

Apparently BMW is the world’s most valuable brand of automobile and even though the German automaker saw its brand worth decline a little last year due to a difficult economic environment, its current total value is still around $21.8 billion.

You don’t have to be a Social Media guru to work this one out, but I’m pretty sure if Construction Marketing UK Ltd. was worth $21.8 billion, I’d have someone from marketing keeping an eye on my Empire Avenue account.  Does BMW use expensive marketing specialists or have an extensive in-house team?

The mind positively boggles at how much they must be spending on traditional advertising trying to gain ground and market share and yet they are losing face and significant potential business because they’re ignoring Social Media marketing.  Maybe they think Social Media’s a fad?

The biggest issue for BMW on Empire Avenue is its distinct lack of connectivity and engagement.


Engage on Twitter and develop relationships

Twitter is a great place to connect with people

The crazy thing is that BMW has 4 ‘potential’ Twitter accounts that it could be using (I might be wrong?) but it hasn’t bothered to connect any of them to Empire Avenue.  Even more bizarrely, proving further more that BMW either doesn’t really get Social Media, Twitter or both, the 4 BMW Twitter accounts have a combined following of 42,977, yet they only follow back 422 people and they’ve only sent 4,628 Tweets via all 4 accounts. That’s not a good sign either, is it?  They can’t exactly be accused of over doing it, can they?!/BMWGroupView 6,965 followers!/BMWi 16,624 followers!/BMWMotorrad 10,293!/ClassicBMW 9,095

It gets worse!


A great YouTube channel but under used

Why not connect to Empire Avenue

The BMW YouTube channel is absolutely fantastic, it has 415 quality videos and one in particular that I looked at, has had nearly 7,000,000 views and that’s an excellent result by any standards!  So why isn’t it connected to Empire Avenue?

Does BMW think the Empire Avenue devotees are broke?  No way!  Lots of investors that are buying BMW shares on Empire Avenue are BMW owners already, why wouldn’t any corporation just jump at the chance to develop those relationships further and cement that consumer loyalty for the long term?  Keep those consumers loyal to BMW and be grateful for the opportunity to inform them regularly about the latest BMW products and innovations!  Why not?  (A lot of people would call these loyal BMW stock holders great potential leads!)

I immediately connected my company’s YouTube account to Empire Avenue despite the fact that Construction Marketing UK Ltd. has only made 8 videos and only had about 1,730 views in total.  We’re very proud of what we do and we’re happy that as many people as possible can see and enjoy what we’ve achieved and what we can offer with regard to video marketing!  We don’t want to hide our brand, we’re proud of it!

OK, so BMW need to connect with Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, (I’d recommend a blog, Tumblr and Posterous too, but that’s just me!) but where else has the automobile behemoth gone wrong??

BMW had 2 Empire Avenue actions last week and 3 Facebook posts.

Construction Marketing UK Ltd. as MARKETINGM8 had 456 Empire Avenue actions last week and 87 Facebook posts.

BMW are a multi billion dollar corporation, but unlike my company they need to understand what Social Media and Empire Avenue are really all about!  I would be much happier writing about how wonderful it was that BMW were making a huge success of Empire Avenue and that they were using it to it’s full potential.  This would signify that HUGE corporations were finally understanding Social Media.

Ford had similar problems but is connected with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and its share price has bounced back significantly, however, the weekly Empire Avenue actions are still very minimal.

What does this all prove??

Big corporations STILL don’t really get Social Media and what it’s all about, but they’re quite happily spending millions and millions of dollars on traditional advertising!

I’ve been on Empire Avenue about a month and my MARKETINGM8 stock is one of the best performers of  UK companies, my dividends are unbeatable, way better than BMW’s and your company’s could be too.  You have to use Social Media properly and despite their wealth and success, BMW have failed because of a major random act of Social Media marketing. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but they should have spoken to me first!

If you are a major corporation (or even just a SME) and you’re smart enough to see that Empire Avenue is a great way to connect with your customer base and potential new customers but you’re not sure if you can cope with the attention required to be successful, look at MARKETINGM8, see how well we’re doing and then call us and we’ll manage your account for you!

If you would like to know more about Social Media or if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, you can email us or leave a comment on this blog.  Our Social Media and digital business development advice is FREE!  For regular Social Media updates please subscribe to our newsletter.

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19 Responses to BMW fails BIG time at Social Media on Empire Avenue!

  1. Sounds like their Social Business Evangelist needs to be defrocked :)
    I’m an avid Empire Avenue player myself and didn’t even know BMW was traded on there. They can spend real money to make use of social media but not fake money to promote themselves and “invest” in their fans once there? Makes no sense at all.
    By the way, I’ve enjoyed a huge ROI with MARKETINGM8. Thanks much.
    Excellent post as usual. Liked, tweeted, Stumbled, and plus 1′d.
    Or is that plussed 1? Not sure yet :)

    • Peter says:

      Hi John, good to see you here!

      That’s a great opening line, Social Business Evangelist’s have to live up to it, I’m just pleased he didn’t put guru!

      Great point that they spend millions and millions on traditional adverts but can’t spend fake money on Social Media credibility! I like that a lot!

      My MARKETINGM8 has been showing a great return and the dividends are pretty good, to day the least, I just keep busy and it seems to happen!

      Thanks very much for the continued support John, it means a lot! :)

      All the very best, Peter

  2. Breaking News: They’ve just added a twitter account.
    Which, as you point out, will probably make absolutely no difference ;)

    • Peter says:

      Hi, great to hear from you and thanks so much for the support!

      I had to smile when I saw Munich on the blog globe for ages this morning and I must confess to conjuring up some vivid pictures! :)

      Social Media is not to bought, it needs people and engagement because it’s an ‘organic’ concept and we all know things don’t grow if they’re not fed properly.

      Come on BMW, feed that machine, lubricate your Social Media engine and let’s see how you can really perform.

      Thanks a lot from Peter (The Ultimate Social Media Machine)

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  4. Alan says:


    It appears to me that big companies and celebrities make two big mistakes on Empire Avenue. You are absolutely right that the first of these is failure to engage, and I think you hit the nail on the head in pointing out that big company marketing budgets are still controlled by traditional mass media types who Really don’t get the new social landscape. The second problem that I see is, simply, arrogance. Companies like (e)BMW assume that they Deserve their 100e + share prices because they are real companies and are worth big money on the real stock market. Some of them Never “get it” and like Jane Fonda (whose name has become an EAv term for “sold off over-priced shares with sucky dividends; eg “look’s like BMW is about get Fonda’d) after rising to a high share price, they largely fade from the attention of serious players.

    I would caution you, Peter, a bit about the arrogance thing. Sometimes, when I’m certain you are trying to come across as knowledgeable and professional, your writing seems more than a little arrogant to me. I’ve debated for some time whether or not to share that observation, but since it genuinely seems to me that the arrogance is not intentional, I finally decided that if it were me I would want someone to tell me I was coming across that way.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Alan and thanks for the comments.

      I was going to mention the Jane Fonda thing but I wondered if it was too far before Empire Avenue became as popular as it currently is and might just lose or confuse a lot of people.

      I must say I am so very shocked that you consider my writing style arrogant! I am truly shocked and if it comes across that way, you are the first person to mention it and I promise you if it is, it certainly isn’t intentional. Maybe it’s my sardonic British humour coming through, I certainly hope it’s only that as I’m a very humble person in real life.

      I am glad you mentioned it and I will keep a strict eye on my humour! I can’t promise I won’t be a tad cynical still though, that’s just my nature.

      I’m grateful for your honesty, I’m in need of a coffee and look at my recent posts before my next meeting!

      All the best and thanks very much for dropping by, Peter

      • Alan says:

        You know, now that you mention it, it may indeed be cultural. It’s been said that the US and the UK are two very different cultures divided by a common language ;) And there certainly is some truth to that. (And if you’ve never heard that from anyone else, it may just be me.)

        I certainly have to give you points– you handle criticism very well.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Alan,

          I’m so glad you’ve come back and after thinking and rethinking, (I was worried!) I still couldn’t see myself as arrogant.

          A cultural divide was my only answer, so to see you come back and agree has given me a great sense of relief.

          Criticism can only be handled on way in my book (no pun intended), you take it on the chin and realise that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I had well over 15,000 views of my blog over the last couple of months (I’m not sounding boastful now, am I?) and 1 person comes back and tells me I sound arrogant. I should be man enough to cope with that, right? If 14,000 people told me I was arrogant, then I’d maybe address my style.

          What did worry me however, was that you deal with books and subsequently you probably know a fair bit about literature, that worried me.

          Thanks Alan, I appreciate your candor and incidentally, I too love books and collect everything from 50′s pulp fiction to Victorian classics and one of my favorite contemporary authors is Elmore Leonard.

          Thanks for getting back to me, you’ve lifted a weight off my shoulders. :)

          All the very best, Peter

  5. Not doing it right from the get-go can cost you. And doing it right, is all about spending some time to understand the community and find your role in it. If BMW can find their role, be of value and share /reciprocate they would have won. For now, too many people get offended because they are only holding up their hand and not involve themselves in a community that is all about people and engagement.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Marieke and good to see you.

      I totally agree 100% and now because of their either negligence they’ve potentially damaged their brand, maybe not much in the bigger BMW scheme of things but who knows and it’s all so unnecessary. It could have been worse but even if they upset or disillusion 50 potential luxury car buyers, that’s not just 50 cars they haven’t sold but 50 customers who might not ever buy a BMW again. The 50 people might also put off another 50 potential buyers and so on and so forth, it’s a brand damaging snowball and again, very unnecessary.

      As someone quite rightly said, does BMW consider itself so special that it doesn’t care? We don’t know but we can feel sure they connected Twitter pretty quickly for a reason. To me forethought it cheaper than damage control, but I’m not head of a multi billion dollar company!

      It will be very interesting to see what BMW gets up to now and maybe this whole scenario will keep the bigger companies honest on Empire Avenue. Let’s hope so!!

      Great to hear from you, all the very best, Peter

  6. Gene Dexter says:

    Great post. I got in on BMW early and made thousands of eaves, but once these issues were brought to light, it made sense to dump my position. It isn’t “just a game”, is it?

    • Peter says:

      Hello Gene,

      Welcome and great to hear from you!

      I bought into BMW too, I thought it had to be a winner based on the fantastic YouTube presence, the Twitter and Facebook connections and I expected them to have millions of classic car photos and video ‘stills’ to put on Flickr. I didn’t necessarily expect them to start a blog, although they should because it makes obvious sense, but I figured their marketing team could very easily use Posterous or Tumblr at not cost whatsoever.

      A blog of any kind would provide a great base, connect to the website and other Social Media platforms, it seems pretty basic stuff to me given the deep pockets BMW must have with a $21 billion price tag.

      On the subject of the BMW website, or certainly the ‘official homepage’, it all seems very dated to me, it’s been around since 1996 and it feels it.

      BMW has got a decent page ranking in the UK and tons of links, which you expect after about 15 years BUT, in the USA their ranking is 269, 502, which is sad especially compared to my blog which has been around a mere 6 or 7 months and is ranked 81,604.

      Are BMW complacent, maybe?? Does their marketing department look at what’s happening out in the digital world, in the Blogosphere? It doesn’t seem so!

      To me this proves that traditional marketing people, PR people and traditional web designers have got to wake up and smell the Social Media coffee.

      The only Social Media connectivity I could see on the BMW ‘official homepage’ was a Facebook LIKE button which leads to an fairly standard Facebook page. These guys are not trying!

      You’re SO right Gene, it really isn’t just a game.

      Great to hear from you, stay in touch, all the very best, Peter


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    • Peter says:

      Hi and thanks! I’m glad you liked the article!

      Have BMW done anything to address the situation?? Not much!

      Some people don’t listen, some people don’t want to listen and others don’t feel that they need to listen.

      We shall see!

      Thanks for dropping by, all the best, Peter

  9. Kerry says:

    I am shocked that such as huge and well known company like BMW are ignoring their platform of social media, they have to understand that everyone and probably the majority of their customers will be on-line and accessing their facebook twitter etc and when this does not become a priority, blogs such as this one lol are created which is very bad for business! i understand that they are a huge MNE and social media is very timely and can be very stressful but there are many good companies that can take care of this for your business, one i use and have done for a good while is as they are efficient and they effectively market my brand and products online so i can sit back and get on with the one on one selling as i know my customers and marketing is being looked after well.

    Kerry :)

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