22 Responses to Klout Gate Kont’d: Krazy Klout and other cartoons.

  1. Reem A A (@remose1383) says:

    A very nice article totally agree with YOU! Klout is only a tool but it never turn to be our social media judge as long as its not working reasonably without any real methods or standards of scoring! Thanks Peter.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Reem and sorry to be so slow to respond!

      Thanks for your time and comments!

      It seems that many of us were disappointed because we trusted Klout too much and gave it a lot of support!!

      I’m interested to see what will happen once the dust settles!!

      All the very best, Peter, aka MarketingM8

  2. Ed Han says:

    What I’m curious about is whether the intention was to reward high Klout & penalize lower Klout ratings, the 75+/- divide. If intentional, isn’t greater influence its own reward?

    • Peter says:

      Hello Ed,

      I was swamped by comments, hence the delay!!

      I was happy at 75 and I felt I’d earned it! If that’s what Joe thought I was worth, OK, great!! However, over recent weeks I’ve been busy in the not so digital world (earning ££ not Eaves) and I get smashed down from 74 to 56 (now) that’s quite a fall!!

      Oh well, it’s given us a reality check and chance to consider if we were taking Klout too seriously!

      Let’s put it down to experience and see what happens next! Life goes on, online and off!!

      Great to hear from you Ed, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  3. Adam Justice says:

    Haha love this article man. The cartoons are a nice touch, but I hope I don’t have to resort to becoming a street performer once my Klout score reaches 15.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Adam,

      Thanks very much for the support!!

      I too might be a little out of shape for handstands and cartwheels, but I might check out PeerIndex a bit more and look into Kred given the chance.

      I’ve been with PeerIndex (and steady) since the beginning of 2011 and finding it an interesting comparison to Klout!

      Social media is still relatively new and we’ll get used to these major changes eventually!!

      Thanks for your time, all the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

  4. Martin E says:

    How would Klout’s algorithm change affect the actual impact and reach of Tweets? Am I missing something here?

  5. Mollee Bauer says:

    I think Klout has lost both clout and merit. It’s ridiculous to say I won’t get retweeted as much – I am getting the same amount of retweets and mentions, actually more than when I was 71,72.

    I believe what they’ve done is beyond ridiculous and I would like to see the market come back and slap them in the face.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Mollee, humble apologies for the late response!!

      I haven’t even had chance to compare my Tweets and ReTweets, but I think I’ve had a lot of RT’s from the Klout posts! LOL!!

      I agree, Klout has shot itself in both feet and announcing the fact it was all done for accuracy and transparency was very silly.

      Whatever ‘authority’ Klout had gained has certainly diminished and we shall see what happens next. Maybe, it’ll all blow over? Who knows? Who even cares?

      I think maybe many of us took Klout a bit too seriously anyway?? (I know I did)

      Great to hear from you, all the very best Peter aka MarketingM8

  6. John Espley says:

    I’m afraid no algorithm out there can really judge my clout. If I have something worth reading they’ll read it. If the people in my circle feel I’m credible they’ll listen. It’s easy to build thousands of followers but it’s a false network.
    I think I’ll keep living in the “real” world and read posts/tweets from people I know that have real credibility and continue to maintain my own integrity…..

    • Peter says:

      Hello John,

      I agree 100% and when people stop reading my blog that’s when I’ll really worry!!

      I can cope not being ‘up there’ with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and it’s possible that’s what Klout will become, a place for celebs! We shall see.

      Great to hear from you, all the very best, Peter, aka MarketingM8

  7. Peter, another great blog post as expected! When will SM folks realize that Klout is a FOR-profit organization that initially positioned themselves as the ‘standard measurement of influence’? It was us ‘influencers’ on Twitter that tweeted, recommended, and even promoted Klout to all of our followers, friends, and colleagues.

    It is rather suspicious that the week of Klout’s algorithm change coincided with the VC funding announcement. Klout is in business to make money. Even though they touted themselves as being transparent, their credibility has gone down the drain with this latest fiasco and poor PR management.

    They frivolously used us folks on Twitter to promote their ‘brand’ and ‘business model’ as an independent scorecard for SM influence. In fact they knew what they were doing which was building up their marketing database of profiled ‘influencers’ on Twitter and than extend the connectivity to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

    Klout is nothing but a marketing database organization that used the Twitter ‘influencers’ to build up their database so Klout can in return, ‘sell’ the user profiles to brands such as Subway, Audi, AXE, etc for marketing campaign and promotional purposes. This is the money maker for Klout and unfortunately, they will continue with this business model if they want to maintain a postive stream of VC funding.

    It is us Twitter ‘influencers’ who were fooled by Klout when we originally thought that they were an objective and independent scorecard for SM influence.

    They may have fooled me once, but they will never fool me again. I have opted out of Klout and will be recommending the same to all of my followers, colleagues, and clients because this past proven business practice of claiming to be transparent, yet proven otherwise, is highly questionable and clearly unacceptable.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Edward, what an amazing comment! You must win prizes mate, this is a post not just a comment!!

      You and I are very much in the same boat as we did promote the use and the belief in Klout and that’s perhaps why we may feel more let down and deserted than some other people.

      I had to smile too at the timing of the algorithm change and being a cynical type (who has bad memories from the NASDAQ in 2000 and the DotCom stock market fiasco) I did wonder if it was truly just a coincidence.

      I think the move towards commercialism and celebrity will weaken the brand and SM people will move away and leave Joe, Justin and Lady Gaga all alone.

      Good for you for opting out and I may not be too far behind you! However, I can feel one final story in the pipeline!!

      Thanks for the mega comment Edward, great to hear from you again, all the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8 (Sorry about the delay, I’ve been SO busy!!)

      • THANKS Peter! Funny how you mention Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa. Interesting how Klout promotes their high ranking ‘influencers’ such as these two yet when you view Justin and GaGa’s profiles, they are not even signed up with Klout and most likely do not even care!

        Goes to show you how a questionable business like Klout is riding on the global ‘marketing’ popularity of Bieber and GaGa by ‘scraping’ Twitter for data on Klout’s definition of ‘influencers’ and leveraging this to promote their business model to the unsuspecting.

        Again, Klout is not about the ‘standard for influence’. Never have and never will. Klout is about building up a marketing database of SM profiles that will be used for profitable business operations such as selling the access to these so-called ‘influencers’ to commercial brands such as Audi, AXE, Subway, etc.

        Until a truly objective, non-commericalized, and fully transparent scorecarding organization to measure ‘the standard for influence’ comes to market, the SM community with have to live with Klout and the upcoming competitors such as Kred, Peer Index, and ProSkore.

        Till than, treat all of these businesses as a For-Profit organization and your profiles for the use of their ‘free’ service is at the sole discretion of these companies.

        • Peter says:

          Hello Edward and thanks again for your input!

          It looks as though you have also become pretty cynical about ‘standards of influence’ and I guess we (the social media community) were taken for a bit of a social media ride! I promoted and recommended Klout a lot and I’m really in two minds whether to forget all about it or not. Maybe it should be an easy decision?

          I agree that until something better comes along we will have to contend with what we have, but I bet we’ll a little more discerning than we were before! Once bitten, twice shy! That’s universal!

          Thanks for your support as always mate! All the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  8. @lacouvee says:

    Although ranking in the top 95% of Klout users, I have decided to delete my profile. I refuse to allow a score determine how I interact with people using social media.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Janis, at last I get a few minutes to write back to you!

      You are not alone and I wouldn’t be shocked to other follow.

      I think Klout has disappointed many of us that supported and promoted it, however, like any good writer, I can see one final story on the horizon!!

      Thanks for your time and comments Janis, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  9. Hi Peter,
    I enjoyed your insights and Blog. I’m one of the ones who had their Klout score drop, to put it mildly, from 64-65 to 41. I agree with the other comments.
    I’m going to delete my Klout profile (why hadn’t I thought of that).
    We should start an “Occupy Klout” movement by everyone deleting their profiles to send a message to Klout that their success is dependent on its users, not Perk’ers. That would send a clear message that if they can just launch changes without forewarning, impacting many who make their livelihood based on their Klout scores … people will react unfavourably.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Jeanette, so sorry for not getting back to you sooner!

      I have been swamped by comments about Klout and I was sure I’d replied to you! Humble apologies!

      I agree that Klout and similar platforms are nothing without support and that’s why many people feel so cheated by Klout. I recommended them on various blog posts, created lists and sent dozens of K+’s to people, maybe more and I get slapped in the face! My Klout score is still slowly dropping despite my continued social media engagement, so much for transparency!

      My PeerIndex score remains constant & I’m just going to check out PROskore again!

      We shall see what becomes of Klout!

      Great to hear from you, all the very best, Peter, aka MarketingM8

  10. Nima Seifi says:

    People with actual clout don’t worry about their rank on a website.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Nima,

      I tend to agree but it did upset a lot of people!

      I’m kind of over it now, when people stop reading my blog, then I’ll panic!!

      Good to hear from you, all the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

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