Has Klout gone Krazy? (You ruined my Tweets, Joe!)


Has Klout gone Krazy??

This week I had promised myself to write about something very different than the Klout Gate affair and something far more positive; I was going to write about a great new social media platform called CubeSocial, but that will have to wait, because now, Joe Fernandez has just gone too far!

The emotional response I got from my recent posts on Klout’s algorithms changes was staggering and I would like to thank everyone who commented on this blog! I think to a certain extend, the international social media community had considered Klout something it could trust, something it had grown and developed with, but now it feels deserted and used and the words cheated and disillusioned are on the lips of many.

Klout’s BIG mistake, Klout transparency and Klout scores.

Klout Gate: Did Klout do a Gap? 

This amazing example of negative PR continues and now Joe’s rubbing salt into that deep, fresh Klout wound! He’s affecting our other social media engagement! He’s damaging our Tweets!

Klout is killing my social media

Joe tells me my Tweets suck now!

According to Andras Benke, writer on the Official Klout Blog, my Tweets are less effective now that my Klout score has been diminished by the new algorithm(s); well thanks very much guys, that’s just the kind of news I was hoping to get from you. Not only have you potentially damaged my social media credibility, but you have also affected the viability of my other social media engagement. That’s very decent of you!

Not only has Klout done this, but they’re proud enough to celebrate the fact!!

Here’s my version of a graph from the Official Klout blog

Great new Klout algorithm or not?

Are you delighted your Tweets are no good??

Here’s what Andras has to say:

“How long does your content last? We took a look at the life of a tweet for influencers with different Klout Scores. We found influencers with a Klout Score above 75 have a half-life up to 70 times longer than those with a Score between 30 and 70. Messages from these high-scoring individuals stay active and meaningful for a longer time, illustrating their influence.”

“Tweets created by users with a Score under 30 have a longer half-life but a much lower overall volume of retweets. Those with a Score between 30 and 70 get their messages spread out to the network within the matter of minutes, but are not as adept at having their messages last longer within their network as the highest scoring Klout users. Of course, unsurprisingly, we also noticed a growth curve where online influencers with higher Klout Scores get their messages retweeted by more users.”

So that’s the great news from Klout, if your Klout score was recently devalued by the algorithm changes and you’ve moved from 70+ or higher and are currently lower, then your Tweets are far less effective! Isn’t that good to know??

So basically, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and other very important influencers will still be fine, but social media mavens like myself will suffer? That seems fair!

Is this a Klout attempt to encourage everyone to get working on their Klout scores? If it is, it’s really not working! Klout PR doesn’t seem to be working too well from my perspective, is it just me or do you agree??

Oh no Joe!!

More Klout misery, but why??

Oh oh!! Now I’m going down even further, why Joe, what’s the story?? Is this happening because you’ve made my Tweets suck? Have you created a negative social media vicious circle?

Here’s my statistics:

Why is this happening Joe?

Where will this all end?

I am a very positive person by nature and I don’t complain about things very often, but this is too much and confusing! I tested Klout last weekend with my good friend Lane Vance in the USA, we Tweeted each other about 40 times back and forth, yet he was not included in my Klout network for some reason? A time delay maybe? Or perhaps Klout in Beta is having a few issues??

Am I wrong in questioning if Klout is getting Krazy?? Please let me know!

Thanks to Chris Pirillo (My Empire Avenue buddy) I am told that it is finally possible to delete your Klout account if you wish to!

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10 Responses to Has Klout gone Krazy? (You ruined my Tweets, Joe!)

  1. Hey Peter,

    Interesting article, especially re: lifetime of a tweet.

    On Klout, I’m not sure anymore.

    I was disappointed at first when we had a 12 point drop, but the more I look at my timeline, the more accurate the scores look. There are certainly fewer people with 50+ and 60+ scores, and those that have appear to be well deserved.

    Many accounts that where in the 70′s through borderline (or outright) spammy behaviour have been knocked right back (which is good).

    I’m just looking at it as more of a “devaluation” than a drop – as it affects pretty much everyone. As a relative “social performance” ranking it’s still valuable, but I’m becoming less inclined to believe that it measures “influence”.

    Mind you, the same can be said for connect.me etc and any of the other popularity vs. influence games

    ~Clive @ParentingExtra

    • Peter says:

      Hello Clive,

      Great to hear from you and I hope life is treating you well!

      Fair comment and I think the initial is over a bit now but it still seems a tad random to me.

      I agree that ‘influence’ is a tough thing to measure and it’s all very subjective. I don’t think being penalized for engaging with low Klout score individuals is very healthy, everyone has to start somewhere and I don’t like the idea of a fabricated social media elite too much.

      We mustn’t forget that social media is still an infant.

      All the very best, Peter, aka MarketingM8

  2. adam says:

    And breathe… Good post and interesting that we now have to work harder for our scores, if annoying in any case! Is there any clear reason behind it all besides the pr?

    • Peter says:

      Hello Adam,

      Very good question, is it just PR? Are they doing a Gap?

      My biggest gripe is that I worked hard already for my previous score and was kind enough to give Klout lots of support and suddenly they’re more into Justin and Lady Gaga!

      I’m waiting to see what happens, maybe nothing will but people aren’t as trusting as they were and lessons have been learned!

      Thanks for your time Adam, all the best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  3. Christian Fictoor says:

    Hey Peter,

    I agree with you 100% the new Klout algorythm isn’t any good … I have always had a srising or stable score and since the new score I am only falling and falling and falling … Even though I have gotten more followers, have tried different kind of engagement techniques over multiple channels nothing seems to work. I am really hoping they get to their senses. I have realized excellent results implementing social media strategy within marketing communication for our clients and now Klout basicly tells me that I suck? GET REAL! So: we need about 2 million dollar (any investors out there?), a team of professionals in social media strategy, managenent and monitoring and start our own Klout! Better, faster with more insight into how the nunbers ‘come to be’. A worldwide influence standard that is actually telling the correct story! And of course we would get millions and millions of users and get ver rich ;) but that’s not the point here!

    So I support your comments on Klout-gate. You have my vote ‘Peter for president!’

    • Peter says:

      Hey Christian, great to hear from you and thanks for the support!

      Klout’s ‘new’ algorithm seems bizarre at best, I’m told I’m not connecting with people I engage with, my score goes down despite improvements I’ve made and basically nothing makes too much sense!

      I spent most of today answering comments from emotional Klout participants from across the globe and everyone feels disillusioned and cheated! We’re the people that promoted and helped Klout become what it is, I gave 100′s of K+’s to social media people from all over the world and basically spread the K word!

      Maybe we don’t need others to judge our influence? It’s pretty tough to judge on a good day! Maybe our actions should speak louder than someone else’s ‘flawed’ ideas and algorithms. Social capital perhaps, what we do is also who we are and that can be judged. (Hello PeerIndex and possibly Kred)

      When you get the $2,000,000 call me, I’ll help you, I’ve got some amazing contacts too!!

      Great to hear from you, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  4. Adina says:

    It’s either Klout, or the former followers falling away by the dozens. I’m going to say it’s Klout. I’ve had the same experience and just deleted my account last week.

    There are other social media scorers out there. Honestly, one reason I’m spending time with Empire Avenue is that, while it’s a game, it also is a way for your social media input to be rated by … I don’t know … actual people as opposed to some computer’s version of what’s important.

    Social media is still supposed to be social, right? I’m trusting the humans a little more now, after my Klout experience.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Adina, good to see you!

      Tell me your Empire Avenue symbol and I’ll buy some stock :)

      I did say, way, way back that I thought Empire Avenue was potentially as good if not better than Klout because it considered all connectivity AND engagement! So, I agree!

      I also agree that trusting the humans more is probably the way to go!

      Social media is still a baby and I guess we’ll just have to cope with a few teething problems?

      Great to hear fro you, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  5. Pete Stean says:

    My Klout score has been fluctuating in the 20+ points range for the last week or so – mid 40s to mid 20s, rinse and repeat. I no longer have any faith in their algorithm (not that they were transparent about how it works in the first place) and have permanently ‘de-authorised’ them. I’m done with Klout.

    • Peter says:

      Hellp Pete,

      You and millions of others have lost faith and it’s sad! Sad that we believed in Klout I guess, but there are others and we;ll be more discerning where we put our loyalty I guess.

      Have you tried Ked? http://wp.me/p1fPZU-1SX I hope you like it!

      Good to hear from you, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

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