Social media change… Social media satire edition 36.


Social media change… Social media satire edition 36.

Social media is a free spirited and creative beast and that’s why I like it! It’s in a constant state of development and the F word is flux with a capital F! Everything changes and the changes are everything!

Social capital and social influence have been much used phrases just lately and many people are now debating if ‘influence’ can actually be judged at all; it’s pretty subjective isn’t it, given the multitude of social media variables? Is it really wrong or bad to communicate with people with minimal social media influence, should we really be chastised for helping others understand and benefit from social media? Isn’t that kind of behavior social media elitism or worse?

social media elitism is not good

Social media evolution is so noisy!

There has been a lot of social media noise recently and much of it came from this blog and my friends and supporters, I’ve never seen so many impassioned comments relating to one single subject. The social media community is pretty miffed; basically, we’re feeling cheated and used and we don’t like it!

If the social media community’s feeling the roller-coaster bumps of change, imagine how the traditional marketing mediums are feeling right now! They must be more than nauseous!

Social media works, Yellow pages used to work

Social media is still new to many people

Anyone with a computer or a mobile phone knows that Yellow Pages has gone the way of the Dodo and that TV advertising and print advertising are on the way out. Social media is no longer something new that might catch on; however, some businesses are still as yet to really appreciate the changes that are happening right now.

However, Google business pages might help change that and finally they are here!

Have I got one? No, not yet. (Gasp!!) I’d like to see a few people’s mistakes before I commit myself, I’m still annoyed that I put a lot of effort into my old Facebook business page and it became obsolete. I still can’t believe that Facebook made it impossible for me to change my business name, businesses change their names all the time, right? That’s a schoolboy mistake Mr Zuckerberg!

I’d love some comments on the Google business pages, I am studying Google and will continue to do so as the opportunity arises, but I’d love to hear your opinions please!!  The real proof will be in the Google pudding.

Google business pages

Google business success

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I don’t spend as much time on Google+ as I expected to, however, I do like it and I’m pleased it’s continuing to develop!  Do let me know what you think.

Seth and Squidoo

Seth, Squidoo and social media change

Seth Godin is a phenomenon, a great man and I love to read his words, he says a lot of good stuff and he creates change.

Have you tried Squidoo though? It kind of sucks, it takes ages to load anything and the whole process is unnecessarily complicated and the end result is anticlimactic and dull . I can load content onto Tumblr in 3 seconds, Posterous takes just a little longer and the results are great!

So maybe we shouldn’t all freak out if something we’ve grown and developed with doesn’t turn out to be the product we were expecting or hoping for. (Isn’t hindsight wonderful?) If something else comes along and replaces what we’ve grown to love, trust and cherish we shouldn’t get too emotional, we must learn to accept change in social media because it’s organic and like language and music and art, ever changing.

We must be careful though, we must make sure we don’t get tricked or cheated, we must not give ourselves so freely to people who may have ulterior motifs, whether it be idealistic, financial or political, we can’t just blindly go with the social media flow.


Who's your Facebook friend?

What do you think about all the social media changes we’ve seen this year and what are you expecting for 2012? Let me know, if you’re planning something exciting tell me and maybe I’ll write about it or interview you.

If you find this information interesting, please give it a Google + CLICK and also share it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, or whichever social media platform you prefer.

If you want to get ahead with a social media call 01473 435308 or email and we’ll explain just how cost effective a blog can be or we’ll tell you about our social media starter system, which is very cost effective!

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British born Peter L Masters has been a writer for many years and Cut Limbo is his first published novel. Back in the late 70's and early 80's he was the singer/songwriter for cult punk band Spasmodic Caress. The controversial "Hit the Dead" track was released by 4AD in 1980 and decades later re-released by US punk band The Spits. Subsequent tracks such as "Waiting" "SPG" and "Ambition" are now on YouTube. The inspiration for Cut Limbo comes from a combination of experiences gained whilst travelling and living in Europe and Asia, a love of the punk rock era and everything it stood for, and a passion for books and movies. Cut Limbo was originally written by Peter as a screenplay and inspired by classic movies such as Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Jackie Brown and Get Shorty. (A big thanks to Quentin Tarantino and Elmore Leonard) The story of what went on at Schipol airport, Amsterdam, just had to be told.
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25 Responses to Social media change… Social media satire edition 36.

  1. Great blog Peter,
    I’m a hundred percent on page with what you are saying. I don’t get into many discussions about the fad of social media or which site will or won’t be around next year. There are just too many variables to know. I would have never guessed FB would be number one and it’s because of all the reasons that the users complain about. But hey now that it is, I wish they would all quit complaining. Read my blog on Thankless House Guests for my rant on that one

    Anywho, to answer your question. I refer back to a very disturbing show that I watched last night. I don’t usually do anything that is promoting racial discrepancies. I just think those types of brands are taking the easy way out. But this was CNN and a friend was being featured on Black In America. I was very disturbed to find out that people in Silicon Valley, people at Google, TechCrunch and places like that think there are no black tech entrepreneurs. HEELLLLLOOOOO!!!!! I’m right here.

    My point is not to rant about them but to say that many of the discussions about social media trends, privacy, safety and how not to get ripped off or waste your time I’ve been having for 4 years. I’ve also been connected to many of the big players for a long time. But for some reason they can not hear me until I’m doing or connected to something they want. Is this the unfairness you were referring too? I don’t think Klout and other such trend reporters are bad, only to people who don’t like the results nor understand the reporting. I’ve watched my Klout score go from somewhere in the 60′s to low 40′s. I’ve been everything from a Thought Leader to a Specialist and back. But guess what, Klout doesn’t define me. It simply helps me see how my audience and peers respond to my content. Although I would like my score to be hire, and it should be based on who I really know, interact with and who takes my advice; it’s not Klout’s fault. My challenge is to find out why the people I know do not RT, or say thanks more publicly. I believe this is the cross roads of the discussion I heard last night and what you are discussing here. I’m not sure the real cause or the solution, but there is definitely an issue and it may be one for social psychology to define.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Andrea, good to hear from you!

      I agree and Klout certainly doesn’t define me either! What bugs me is the support I’ve Klout and yet my score goes down in the name of transparency, yet I don’t see any transparency!

      I also agree, that people’s reactions to my (our) blog content and their subsequent comments speak MUCH louder than any score of any kind and now the dust has settled maybe we’re all realizing that maybe Klout and others don’t really care too much for the social media community, whatever niche we may hold.

      Luckily we have ourselves and I’m thrilled that people from ‘across the pond’ and all around the world respond to my blog and take time to get involved in what we all have to say. We are social media! The companies may be making the big bucks, so what’s new? But without us, the people, certainly on a long term basis, they haven’t got much! To me the beauty of social media is that it breaks down ALL the traditional barriers and we can ALL have our say. Whoever we are and wherever we are. I like that!

      Thanks very much for your time, I really appreciate it, all the very best Peter, aka Marketing M8

  2. Hi Peter,

    Feel your pain on this one!

    We put a lot of effort into our Facebook Page over the past 5 months, for practically zero return. It’s very hard to get people to see your page content without explicitly driving them there via other platforms – and, for bloggers and website owners, it doesn’t really make sense to divert people away from your primary content/site/

    In 3 days on Google+ our new page has almost as many followers (circlers? is that even a word ;)

    There are some roadblocks for G+ Pages – can’t comment on, follow, or +1 other google+ profiles (non-pages) unless they circle you first – which is a bit chicken & egg in terms of getting exposure! Also, no follower notifications or multi-admins per page, which will be a headache for more popular pages.

    On the whole the experience is very positive though.

    One look at the G+ ripples interface is enough to show how serious Google are taking this, and I’m sure, once they iron out the creases it will become the business platform Facebook pages could have been.

    The Direct connect feature is a masterstroke on Google’s part.
    Just type “+p” in to see how it will work for big brands like pepsi!

    Various directories of pages (shared circles) are spring up already.
    You might want to hop on board sooner rather than later though.
    We missed the initial google+ (personal pages) rush and it took us a while to catch up.

    When you do decide to jump in, look us up!

    Clive @ParentingExtra

    • Peter says:

      Hello Clive and again, great to see you here!

      I’m not too sure if ‘circlers’ is a word but I can really relate to your comments!

      I was very excited by Google+ at first but did find myself lapsing back to Facebook based simply on time constraints and the fact that I have a Facebook group and pages and the group has grown very well since lots of Empire Avenue people have become involved.

      I will indeed look you and thanks for the advice, maybe I should give Google+ a bit more time!

      All the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  3. Remember the old adage that you can’t be in two places at the same time? Well, in the world of social media you not only CAN be, you HAVE TO be. And not just two places, but three or four or five.

    Frankly, it’s all exhausting to me; what I believe many forget is to define a purpose first, then figure out what technology will support that purpose. For me, it’s impressions for branding. I want people to create an equation that says Michael Charney = x. I find that FB, Twitter and Linked In do that for me the best; Google+ brands me as “y” rather than “x” (“y” in this case being an early adopter/techie type, which I’m not.

    I accept that I can’t do everything, so I do what supports my goals–something I see very little of out there, frankly!

    • Peter says:

      Hello Michael,

      My good friend Lynn Brown and I (and others) were discussing this very subject a while back, when Google+ 1st came out and we agreed that it is tough keeping up with everything!

      I do agree that LinkedIn and Twitter are essential, Facebook or Google+ are certainly an option by to me a blog is my base. It doesn’t matter if it’s WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous or whatever but, to me, a blog is essential and define me.

      I too have accepted that I can’t be everywhere as often as I would like to be, but I try to maintain my presence on many sites. It isn’t easy! I find that Empire Avenue is a great place for networking too!

      Thanks for your comments, all the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  4. As a social media newbie who dived in a little over 12 months ago its been an exciting ride. More like white water rafting than a trail track roller coaster. Great blog. A great blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Howard and thanks so much!

      Social media is always exciting, I must agree and maybe white water rafting is a fair analogy, it’s easy to fall out of the social media raft!

      Maybe you should try Empire Avenue? It’s a great way to meet lots of like minded people.

      I’m very grateful for your support, it’s comments like this that make it all worth while!

      All the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

  5. Social is now here to stay but which ones will be most successful and how is still somewhat open to shifting. Just remember, 15 years ago Gu-gle was a really big number and if we wanted to find something online we had to Ask Jeeves for help or go to the Alta Vista. Huh? Wha you say? Google it.

    • Peter says:

      Hello, how are you??

      Ask Jeeves seems like a million years ago Tom!

      You’re right and it’s the changes that keep us on our toes and keen, it’s the shocks and disappointments that keep us alert.

      I guess the learning curves are fun really?

      Great to see you hear, amazed at just how much emotion Klout stirred up, looks to me like people care a lot about their social media world(s), right?

      All the very best Peter, aka MarketingM8

  6. Jon Cassidy says:

    Hey Peter,

    “Facebook Fanpages” are a great thing and yes I know my page is not for the same type of business as yours but I treat my “fan Page” like a hub with tabs for My Band Page, Youtube and Mixcloud Channels. In my work creating audio and video content like Radio shows, Podcasts and of course videos I am being rewarded by Facebook and their open graph integration with Spotify, Mixcloud and so on. Now my content is truly open to 800 million FB accounts and the only thing stopping it is the promotion of it I guess. Also I’m trying to fully integrate my Blogspot with their open graph technology for that same reason.

    I wouldn’t discount G+ business pages though as I’ve always said G+ is just the social face of Google’s products rather than a social network at heart and with the release of their music service I expect their to be much deeper integration between Google Blogs, Youtube and the music service within G+ for there to be a credible reason to get everyone thats not in marketing involved.

    On the subject of Klout! I have no love for the service anymore, I’ve never taken my score to heart but it can’t truly measure my influence and like you said I also want to hear from the people that comment because that is the only way I can truly understand my audience.

    Klout also says I influence Spotify founder Daniel Ek (unlikely I know) I have only ever spoke to him twice and if I did influence him I think he would have told me by now. :)


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